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It’s The Year of the Tiger: What Does This Mean for Your Chinese Zodiac in 2022?

A graphic of a tiger for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

Ready to roar your way into a new lunar year? Good news: it just might be your lucky year. For those who follow the lunar calendar, a fresh new year is fast approaching — the annual Lunar New Year festival starts on Feb. 1 in 2022 — which means that it’s time to check in with your Chinese zodiac to learn what the Year of the Tiger may have in store for you.

How does the Chinese zodiac work? 

Put simply, the Chinese zodiac follows a 12-year cycle of animal signs — rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. According to traditional Chinese astrology, every year is matched with a representative animal, so your Chinese zodiac sign is based on the year that you’re born within the lunar calendar. Much like Western zodiac signs, this Chinese zodiac sign is said to reveal certain personality traits and characteristics.

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When a new year arrives on the lunar calendar, you can look to the Chinese zodiac for insights into what the life force (AKA chi) of that year will be — and how that year’s chi will interact with your animal sign. In this way, we can turn to the Chinese zodiac to show us what we may expect for the year ahead in general, as well as when it comes to our relationships, careers and wellness.

When is Lunar New Year 2022?

Unlike the Western New Year, which always starts on Jan. 1, the exact date of the Lunar New Year changes every year, depending on the day of the first new moon in the lunar calendar year. In 2022, Feb. 1 will kick off the new year and the annual festival, which lasts around 15 days and is celebrated by many Asian countries (Chinese New Year, for example, refers to China’s Lunar New Year festival).

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the Year of the Ox and embrace some new year, new you vibes this Lunar New Year, we’ve got you covered. Using as our guide, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights that your sign can look forward to — and some things you may want to avoid — in the year to come.


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Rat: Positive and resourceful

A graphic of a rat for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a rat if you were born in: 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

As the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, rats are known to be creative and adaptable — real survivors — which is a good thing, because the past year has likely been a pretty stressful one. The good news? This year, it looks like rats are primed for change. Those born under the sign of the rat will do well to focus on finding balance and letting go of the little things.

Are you an ambitious rat? This is the year to focus on saying yes when it comes to your career — 2022 is going to be a good year for making bank, so keep your eyes open to opportunity. Whether you’re offered a new job or you see a way to start a side hustle, embrace your persuasive power.

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Similarly, if you’re a single rat, 2022 is the time to embrace change and find new love. If you’ve been stuck in a romantic rut, expanding your horizons to try new activities and meet new people may serve you well. If you’re already in a relationship, but it isn’t working, now could also be the time to consider if a change could be right for you, too. Just be careful: when you turn up your rat charm, plenty of people will be attracted to you — but not everyone will be a good match. Be selective, and don’t waste your time on people who don’t align with you.

When it comes to your health and well-being, there’s a good chance that you’re feeling the impact of a lot of stress and hard work. To turn the tide on your wellness, exercise is key this year — especially if you can get outside and enjoy some fresh air and vitamin-D-rich sunshine. If you are feeling like you need medical advice, it’s a good idea to look for multiple professional opinions — ideally, three.


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Ox: Persistent and diligent

A graphic of an ox for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re an ox if you were born in: 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

Just like the animal that represents them, people born under the sign of the ox are known to be hard-working, tough and stubborn. These qualities can bring oxen success when it comes to leadership and their careers, but their lack of flexibility can also sometimes make them feel lonely. Luckily, in 2022, oxen are primed for more love and connections — whether that means romance with a partner or expanding your family (from having a child to adopting a pet). All in all, it’s going to be a positive year for oxen, thanks to your yin balancing with the yang of the year’s tiger energy.

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This positivity may reach your bank account this year, if you’re an ox. If recent years have hard on your finances, this is the year to take the lessons learned from those challenges and let them lead you to growth. If further education has been on your mind, now is also the time to hit the books and find ways to embrace long-term learning.

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Sniff, sniff: what’s that in the air? If you’re an ox, it could be love. In the Year of the Tiger, oxen will be more open to love and romance, so embrace it if it comes your way. Single? Don’t focus too closely on those who are in close proximity — long-distance love could be out there for you. Already in a relationship? Now is the time to find more stability and let go of past issues that no longer matter.

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This year, oxen should make an extra effort to stay on top of their health and wellness — both physical and spiritual. One way to do this is to look for ways to avoid being bored or getting stuck in a routine: try new things, and find therapeutic ways to soothe areas in your life where you feel a void. 

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Tiger: Courageous and bold

A graphic of an tiger for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a tiger if you were born in: 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Buckle up, tiger — for better or worse, this is your year. People born in the year of the tiger can look forward to some big changes in 2022, with a career breakthrough likely to hit this spring, followed by another period of change mid-year. Your best bet when major shifts occur this year? Take them as a chance to reevaluate what really matters in your life. 

As previously mentioned, tigers may see some big career and financial opportunities in 2022. With that said, it could be in your best interest to take advantage of ways to earn financial stability earlier in the year, to allow for some breathing room if you experience turmoil later in the later months. 

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There’s nothing certain when it comes to love, and many tigers will find this true this year. While you may feel especially anxious about your love life this year, it could also be a good opportunity to change things that aren’t working for you, to allow for more happiness later. Single tigers should look out for a new person in their romantic life (even if it feels unexpected), while loved-up tigers should prepare themselves for more passion.

In order to maintain your health this year, you’ll want to make sure to keep your spending in check and be extra responsible with your funds. Why? If you overspend, your stress levels will rise — which can impact your well-being.

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Rabbit: Caring and Compassionate

A graphic of a rabbit for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a rabbit if you were born in: 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Hop to it, rabbits: 2022 is a year for making big dreams come true, if you put in the work. While it may be the tiger’s year, rabbits are thought to be the yin to the tiger’s yang. Rabbits tend to have similar characteristics to tigers, but — where tigers can be quite bold — rabbits are more subtle. For example, where tigers are fierce protectors of their loved ones, rabbits tend to be exceptionally caring for their family in a more tranquil way.

It’s time to get credit where credit’s due. This year, rabbits should be rewarded for their hard work and efforts in their careers — so it’s not a good idea to let loose and allow your responsibilities slip, especially if you want to take advantage of the financial opportunities that are headed your way. Make sure your work is in order before you take a break. When it comes to investing, look to the long term and avoid making rash decisions.

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Because the Year of the Tiger is said to be in a Love Plum relationship with the rabbit, rabbits can expect to find themselves very attractive to others — and should look for plenty of love and even soul mates this year. Single rabbits, take notice: people may try to lock your down with a commitment, so be sure that’s what you really want before you say yes. On another note, while you may be making more or deeper connections, be wary of lending money or co-mingling funds this year.

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In 2022, rabbits should take extra care to be responsible and reasonable when it comes to their health, because they may be especially prone to minor accidents.

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Dragon: Powerful and tenacious

A graphic of a dragon for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a dragon if you were born in: 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

As you may have noticed, the dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac that isn’t exactly an animal that you can find in the real world, yet dragons hold a very key place in Chinese culture and lore, making this a special sign to be born under. In 2022, dragons can realize new opportunities — if you’re prompt, clever and willing to step outside of your comfort zones. Luck is on your side this year, so stay positive and take advantage of the chances that come your way. 

If you’re a dragon, be on the lookout for an opportunity for a career change this year, whether that means for you, or for your partner. This type of move could start a domino effect of good vibes and success, so pay attention. Keep your eyes open when it comes to ways to invest in yourself — whether this means investing money, starting a business or devoting time to training or courses that can help you level up.

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You may be asking yourself: if I devote myself to personal development this year, where will I find time for love? Good question, but have you ever heard that adage about loving yourself before you can love someone else? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is the year for dragons to really focus on taking a close look at themselves. Are you fulfilled? What do you really want in your future? Once you find these answers, you’ll be ready to either find love — or give the best version of yourself to your existing relationship.

Wellness and taking good care of yourself always go hand-in-hand for dragons — and 2022 is no exception. Prioritize self-care — think: drink your water, get some sleep and get your good health habits in check — to set yourself up for a positive year.

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Snake: Wise and intuitive

A graphic of a snake for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a snake if you were born in: 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

There’s good news and bad news for snakes in 2022. Let’s start with the bad news: due to a reversal of fortune, 2022 will likely present some challenges and less-than-ideal energy directed towards people born in the year of the snake. The good news? Snakes can be very intuitive and resourceful, so they can absolutely handle any conflict that may come their way — and show just what they’re made of. It’s your chance to prove yourself to yourself.

If you’re a snake, be extra cautious of too-good-to-be-true opportunities this year — that means saying uh-uh to get-rich-quick schemes and closing the chat window on DMs that try to lure you into shady pyramid schemes. With this in mind, now is also not the time to switch your career path on a whim.

Passion is the name of the game for snakes in 2022. If you’re in a relationship, this passion can translate into arguments, so beware. If you’re a single snake, this might be the year of the rebound — whether that means for yourself, or for your new partner. The key for snakes is to look for a partner who can match their energy, charm and sensual nature.


To counter the potential stress that snakes may encounter this year, physical well-being is key. Try to balance your hard work with gentle exercise (you’ll always feel better getting a little fresh air), and eat for your health — dangerous crash diets are not it.

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Horse: Free-spirited and charming

A graphic of a horse for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a horse if you were born in: 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

Whoa, horse! It’s going to be a big — and successful— year for you. The Year of the Tiger means good things for those born under the horse sign: because horses are traditionally allies of tigers within the Chinese zodiac, this year is an opportunity to reign in lots of luck, joy and good fortune — provided you’re able to stay focused.

Part of this good fortune could arrive when it comes to your financial health. Be open to new career opportunities, and take the leap if a shift in direction serves you. 

Horses love love — but it’s important to be conscious of your situation if you want a year filled with peace and love. In a relationship? Be extra careful to avoid flirting, as your natural horse charm could lead to problems in your relationship. On the other hand, if you’re a single horse, flirt away! The goal for all horses should be to enjoy a happy love life this year, whether they’re coupled up or playing the field. And, speaking of love, it’s not all about romance. This year, be share lots of non-romantic love with friends and family.

Of course, staying healthy is key to enjoying all the good things that are heading your way this year. To help support your wellness as much as possible, make intentional food choices to nourish your body with a healthy diet. Get creative in the kitchen with lots of vegetables and nutritious recipes.


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Goat: Thoughtful and creative

A graphic of a goat for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a goat if you were born in: 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Compassionate and creative, those born under the sign of the goat tend to be quite mysterious to those around them. Luckily, in 2022, your charm will show through, and you can expect a year where you’re more popular than usual. Enjoy those accolades, soak up the good vibes and be prepared to be booked and busy.

Attracting more people around you can spell good things for your career and professional life. Allow people to join you on projects and help you realize your plans. You may also want to explore your choice of career this year: would you be happier in a career that was more community minded or creative? It’s worth considering. 

Goats, hear us out: keep a clear head when it comes to your love life this year. If you’re a single goat, flirt and date to your heart’s content, but beware of jumping into romantic relationships too soon this year — even if you feel an unexpected urge to tie the knot. There’s no need to rush things, and you’ll be better served to think these out and take the time to get clear on what you want from your love connection. If you’re in a relationship, introspection will also serve you (and your partner) well — take the steps you need to to ensure that you’re truly satisfied. 

Enjoying lots of delicious food may be a part of your newfound popularity this year, but — for the sake of your health — watch what you eat, and make sure you’re nourishing yourself properly. 


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Monkey: Funny and quick-witted

A graphic of a monkey for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a monkey if you were born in: 1980, 1992, 2003, 2016

Monkeys are known for their easy-going, social nature, which will come in handy in 2022, because there are likely some extra challenges ahead for those born under the sign of the monkey. In 2022, monkeys will have to show their courageous side, as their normal routines will be shaken up and they may be called upon to work more, and harder, than usual. The best way for monkeys to set themselves up for success this year? Make 2022 the year that you lock down your time-management and goal-setting skills.

There is, however, one bright spot in an otherwise tough year for monkeys: when it comes to finances, things should stay relatively stable. While you likely won’t have to deal with major financial crashes (yay), you also won’t likely see a ton of growth or big gains (oh). Take the stability as a win, and focus extra energy on dealing with your personal life or work. 

Your independent streak may shine even brighter this year, when it comes to your love life. Whether you’re already committed or you’re single, you’ll find it harder to brush things under the rug and to let your needs go unmet. While putting yourself first may help you reach a happier life, it can also cause relationship trouble or breakups, so make sure that you can handle it before you choose your words. If you’re single, however, now is a good time to be clear with your needs from the start, before you start a new relationship.

This year is going to push your limits when it comes to hard work and energy, so be gentle with yourself. Watch for signs of burnout, and take a step back from things when you need to — you won’t be able to advocate for yourself if you’re beyond the point of exhaustion.


Rooster: Strong and artistic

A graphic of a rooster for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a rooster if you were born in: 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Want to start that business? Think you’re ready to get married or expand your family? On the cusp of writing that book? If you’re a rooster, 2022 is the time to invest in yourself and make your big dreams come true. 

In the Year of the Tiger, roosters can really tap into their power and productivity traits — especially when it comes to their careers and finances. If you tend to be overly cautious in your career, ask yourself: what’s the best that could happen if I step out of my comfort zone? Lean into your ambition. If you were able to start new projects and set up projects last year, this year you just might see the fruits of that labour start to ripen.

Companionship will not be a problem for roosters this year. Single? Hang out with friends and spend time with like-minded people to make new connections. If you’re coupled up, this could be a good year for you and your partner to make new friends and try new hobbies together — anything to make your relationship stronger and happier. 

These is one area where roosters should be extra cautious this year, and that’s your physical health and wellness. Health-wise, there might be some ambiguity coming your way in 2022. If you find yourself struggling with your health, don’t be surprised if your health care providers struggle to find the source of your issue.

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Dog: Protective and loyal

A graphic of a dog for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a dog if you were born in: 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

Similar to those born under the horse sign, dogs can look forward to an exceptionally good year (it’s the tiger’s year, but dogs and tigers are traditionally allied). With some goal-oriented thinking and action, 2022 can be the year to let luck, love and happiness into your life if you’re a dog sign.

Finances are one of the key areas that dogs may benefit in the Year of the Tiger, as 2022 could allow for financial recovery from past challenges. Now that you can see where you went wrong in the past, forge ahead in your career and work towards your goals — now is not the time to stick to the status quo. This could mean a change in your job, or it could be the time to sign up for more training or education to help you move forward. 

Let’s face it: relationships haven’t exactly been easy or stable for many dogs. This year, however, dogs that actively seek clarity in their relationships just may find it. In particular, if you’ve been influenced by a manipulative person or — worse — a real narcissist, this is the year that you’ll find the strength to cut those ties and say goodbye to that toxicity. When dating, make sure to be clear with what you want and what you’re willing to give right from the beginning. If you’re single, be honest in that dating app profile, and it will serve you well. Or, even better, cut out the typing and digital back and forth and just speak to your potential paramour — tone really can be everything.

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This is the year to heal your soul and address things that have been holding you back in the past. Allow yourself to indulge in your emotional and spiritual health this year, and keep your physical wellness up by making time to exercise. Take that staycation. Seize this change to rest, recover and have a little fun.

Pig: Honest and optimistic

A graphic of a pig for Lunar New Year 2022
Amy Schupruk

You’re a pig if you were born in: 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Here’s the deal, Babe: you’ve been an excellent and giving friend, coworker and community member — and this year, you’re going to see some of that good will come back your way. The people that you’ve helped in the past just might be ready to pay it forward, so wise pigs will watch out for opportunities — and will graciously accept them. People really do want to give back, so don’t let your pride get in the way. With this in mind, 2022 is the year for pigs to deepen and strengthen relationships, and enjoy the positive vibes around them.

This is a year of opportunity for pigs, especially early on in 2022. The influence of the tiger can help pigs think more clearly and make better decisions. Take advantage of this, and set yourself up for productivity and efficiency at work. Can you cut time-wasting activities out of your day? Do it. It’s the ideal time to get focused and passionate about your career.

Romantic stability could be a challenge for pigs in 2022. Do you want to be independent? Do you want to be in a committed relationship? If lasting love eludes you, it might be because you still don’t know what, as the Spice Girls would say, “you really, really want.” If you lose out on a romantic opportunity or a relationship this year because of your indecisiveness, don’t fret. Instead, take time to assess and tweak your perspective on romance, if needed.

Do you feel like you could conquer the world, even before you’ve had your morning coffee? That could be the Year of the Tiger for you. In 2022, pigs are primed to experience a surge in energy and health — so make the most of it.


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