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February Horoscopes: Predictions For Your Love Life and Career

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It’s Aquarius season! Read on for your February 2022 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your career, love and social life this month from Astrology Detective.


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Aries horoscopes for February 2022

Focus on your bank balance

After a slow start to the new year, February ramps up the pace and things start flowing again, especially in regards to career and money. Mercury turns direct in your professional sector, and all the confusion and mishaps of the past few weeks will immediately disappear. The 8th is an excellent day to negotiate a pay raise or better financial terms for contracts, while the 16th is perfect for teamwork and compromise. Try not to overspend while socializing on the 24th. Your desire to impress those around you may see you picking up the tab, instead of laying down proper monetary boundaries.

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Taurus horoscopes for February 2022

Embrace new opportunities

You may have dealt with setbacks regarding travel or study last month, but that all turns around in February — as long as you remain flexible and ready to strike when opportunity knocks. You will be able to regain a sense of wonder and excitement by discovering new ideas, places and people. Expand your horizons and set about exploring new territory. This may include striking up a romance with a person who lives at a distance or is from a different cultural background than your own. Don’t be afraid to wander further afield from your usual pastures, as you may be surprised to learn that life has much more to offer than your usual cozy bullpen provides.

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Gemini horoscopes for February 2022

Make time to mingle

The first half of the month favours work and career building, while the focus shifts to social life from the 18th. You’ll be able to greatly expand your acquaintance network if you put your mind to mingling. Interesting, avant-garde, out-of-the-ordinary people will float effortlessly into your orbit from now until early May, so don’t lose out on this once-in-a-decade opportunity to move and shake. If you are looking for investors for an entrepreneurial project, make pitches around the 8th and your dreams may come true. Valentine’s Day arrives a bit late this year; whether in a relationship or single, the 16th is delightfully sweet and spicy, so make sure to schedule a date night or start swiping for someone new.

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Cancer horoscopes for February 2022

Take a chance on romance

Love was crowding your thoughts during the second half of January, leaving you ruminating on romantic longings over and over and over again. February is pushing you to stop pondering and start taking action! Once Mercury goes direct in your relationship sector, you will be ready to clean house and go after your amorous dreams. If you are single and have been crushing on someone in your social circle, you will easily work up the courage to let them know how you feel on the 8th; no matter what happens, at least you will know if there is a possible future together. For those in a relationship, try to break free from the couple bubble and start socializing together in larger friendship groups; it will help take the edge off from always breathing the same stagnant air. The 16th will be one of the best date nights of the year, combining courtly love with red-hot passion.

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Leo horoscopes for February 2022

Prioritize movement and mindfulness

If you were feeling physically and mentally exhausted during the second half of January, you will feel reinvigorated and bursting with energy from the 3rd. If you found it difficult to take the pounds off or stick to an exercise regime at the beginning of the year, February marks the perfect moment to finally put your New Year’s resolutions into action. If you put your mind to improving your bodily health, you can make great strides this month, whether it be from proper eating, mindfulness, movement or catching up on doctor and dentist appointments. Taking care of your physique will also motivate you to go after your professional dreams, especially on the 8th and 16th.

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Virgo horoscopes for February 2022

Connect with tech

February is another highly romantic month, and Valentine’s Day chocolate box will be bursting with super-sweet bonbons. If single, you could meet a fascinating, exciting suitor if you start looking beyond your normal horizons. Don’t be afraid to use technology, dating apps and social media to reach out to a potential mate who lives at a distance or is interested in hobbies outside your usual interests. The 8th, 11th and 16th are all excellent days to search for love or go on a date. Those already in a couple can restore the flames of passion by trying new things and breaking free from routine. In terms of work, the 4th is an auspicious moment to plough through a backlog of tasks.

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Libra horoscopes for February 2022

Spruce up your living space

February may be one of the coldest months of the year, but your home will offer an abundance of warmth and good cheer. After a lot of minor household mishaps and an overall feeling of laziness in late January, you will be ready to make much-needed changes around your place of residence after the 3rd. If you are looking to buy your own property, move in with someone or look for a new rental, you may find your dream abode on the 8th or 11th. The stars promise loads of convivial good times filled with sharing and affection on the 16th, making it the perfect day to invite everyone around your place to chill out and socialize.

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Scorpio horoscopes for February 2022

Say your truth

Although you tend to be a secretive sign who finds it difficult to open up, you will be a communications genius this February. Last month, you may have been brooding about certain issues, especially of a romantic nature, but now you can finally get things off your chest. The 8th is an excellent time to clear the air with a love partner or suitor; you will have the courage to state your case, without crossing the line into rage or angry words. Letting it all out will refuel your relationship with energy and excitement for the future. Likewise, the 11th is an excellent day for business negotiations, job seeking or pitching a client, while the 16th is perfect for connecting with friends and siblings in order to make amends for past squabbles.

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Sagittarius horoscopes for February 2022

Climb that career ladder

After a few restricted years in terms of finances back in the late 2010s, your monetary outlook continues to be on the upswing. This is one of the best months of the year to increase your earnings, especially if you work in a creative field. Strike while the iron is hot by asking for a raise or pitching new projects and clients. If you volunteer to pick up new tasks on the job, you could be well rewarded for your initiatives. The only hiccup comes on the 24th, when misunderstandings could arise regarding communications, so try to put off interviews, presentations and negotiations off to another day.

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Capricorn horoscopes for February 2022

Make space for something (or someone) special

After a melancholic and muddled start to the new year, your mojo makes a major comeback after the 3rd. If you have been riddled with self-doubt, a sense of confidence and clarity returns, allowing you to chart out your future with a gung-ho spirit of vigour and positivity. You may have also been uncertain about romance or pondering about long-lost love affairs during the past few months. Allow those ship to sail, because a whole new boatload of amorous opportunities is sailing to your shores. If you are single, the 8th is a five-star date night, so get out on the prowl, as passion is off the charts. For those in a relationship, you can reignite the flames of desire through spontaneity and trying new things.

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Aquarius horoscopes for February 2022

Recharge and reconnect

If you don’t feel much like participating in the hubbub of the outside world this month, don’t push yourself. The weather is less than welcoming and the dreary wintry landscape isn’t really bursting with good cheer. Instead, the real wonderland is found within the four walls of your own home. If your domestic life has been somewhat volatile recently, all that energy morphs into excitement and fun. Hanging out with friends, family or roommates in your humble abode will recharge your batteries and restore your zest for life. Alternatively, if you have a long-held dream or ambition, you will be able to focus on working to make it a reality by shutting yourself away from the distractions of the social swirl. It’s time to make your goals come true.

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Pisces horoscopes for February 2022

Expand your social circle

If you had any misunderstanding with friends during the last two weeks of January, you will be able to put all that behind you and make amends after the 3rd. From that date forward, your social life will be on fire for the rest of the month, making it a great time to network and expand your circle of friends. Take advantage of connecting to new people through social media and other digital means, as you could make sudden connections that will add fun, flair and even a bit of romance to your life. If you are single, look to your friendship group to help introduce you to potential suitors, or maybe an existing acquaintance could transform into true love. This is no time for shyness, get out there and let the world know what you want, and it could very well be yours.

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