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I Tried It: Bisha Hotel’s Private Terrace Domes are the Perfect Romantic Getaway

A woman sitting in the terrace dome at the Bisha Hotel at sunset
Chelsea Brimstin

Being in my late 20s, I’m always craving a little getaway – dreaming of long flights and comfy hotel beds. But, for some reason, I’m never able to set aside the time to book a trip for myself. So, when I was given the chance to try out a little staycation at Bisha Hotel’s brand-new private terrace domes, I jumped on the opportunity.

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The Toronto hotel recently launched two outdoor domes available on the terraces of two of their suites, making for the perfect romantic getaway or self-care staycation. Located on the fourth floor, two of Bisha Hotel’s 900-square-foot Marilyn Suites boast fully furnished private terraces with heated, covered domes.

I lucked out, getting to be one of the first few guests to try out this secluded experience right in the centre of the city – so, if you’re thinking of booking a trip of your own, here’s what my experience at the Bisha Hotel was like.

The Bisha Hotel entryway
Chelsea Brimstin

My arrival at the Bisha Hotel

After making the trek over the hotel (AKA snagging a 10-minute Uber from my Toronto apartment), I stepped out of the car to discover a grand entryway with huge, jaw-dropping doors, an extravagant carpet and two beautiful blue sculptures. I was immediately enveloped in a welcoming atmosphere after being greeted by Alfonso – the sweetest concierge I’ve ever encountered. He was so accommodating, offering water and bubbly the second I got into the lobby.

The Bisha Hotel Lobby
Chelsea Brimstin

Speaking of the lobby, it had such a unique style, establishing the hotel’s refined flare from the get-go. Designed by Lenny Kravitz, the room featured high ceilings, with black velvet walls and secret doors leading to other rooms and cafes. It almost felt like a Wes Anderson movie gone dark and edgy, especially with the grand, black curtains revealing a sophisticated speakeasy.

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The seventh floor was also designed by Lenny Kravitz, with rooms homing in on that edgier design, but my room was located on the fourth floor in the Marilyn Suite.

The living room in the Marilyn Suite at the Bisha Hotel
Chelsea Brimstin

The Marilyn Suite at the Bisha Hotel

I made my way to the fourth floor in the elevator, and when the doors opened, I was greeted by the Bellhop, Leo, who reassured me that he could bring me anything I needed.

When I walked into my room, I was in awe. It was huge, with grand double paneled black doors, carefully arranged art, pop culture references and heated black marble floors.

Champagne and Macarons at the Bisha Hotel
Chelsea Brimstin

On the left was a quaint powder room attached to an area with a blue velvet bench and a huge black-and-white portrait. Right in front of me was the living room, and as I walked closer to the glass table, I found a pile of colourful (and delicious!) macarons beside a complimentary bottle of prosecco.

A woman sitting on a velvet couch in front of a gallery wall
Chelsea Brimstin

The eating area led to a black velvet couch and a floor-to-ceiling paneled television screen, and – while I wasn’t a huge fan of the carpet – the rest of the living room was decked out with a bar cart and plenty of black-and-white pieces of art.

The bedroom was made up of another floor-to-ceiling television, a colourful blurred-out mirror and the comfiest king-sized bed I’ve ever slept in. Leading to the ensuite bathroom there was a grand black closet with engraved ridges, resembling a reflective vinyl album.

The main bathroom was unbelievable, with more heated black marble floors, a grand three-paneled mirror, an accessible shower and the biggest bathtub I have ever seen.

While all of this had me impressed, the pièce de resistance was the terrace – plus, little did I know that my experience in the Marilyn Suite came with 30 minutes of private skating time on Bisha’s very own skating rink.


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A woman sitting in the dome at the Bisha Hotel
Chelsea Brimstin

The Bisha Hotel’s private terrace domes

The terrace, which was attached to the living room via lavish sliding doors, was stunning. Lined by vine-laden railings, the patio was covered with beautiful frost-ridden stones and the only thing that obstructed the view of the city was what I came for: the new private terrace domes.

Enclosed in an igloo-like structure, the wooden frame was covered with glass, giving the dome the appearance of a honeycomb lined in frost. It was heated and cozy, with velvet chairs and soft, fuzzy blankets to keep you warm.

By day, the sweet, terrace-based dome was a haven with the perfect sunset view and by night, the wooden panels were lined with lights, making it the perfect place to stargaze.

Sitting in the dome at night beneath the stars and city lights, I was living my rich-girl fantasy, so I figured it was just about time to order some food.

There are two restaurants you can order in-room service from: their 44th floor restaurant KOST or Michelin Star chef Akira Back’s restaurant. I couldn’t resist a Michelin-Star moment, so after dwelling over what to order, I landed on three dishes from Akira Back – the AB Wagyu Tacos, the Crispy Octopus and the Hot Mess Roll.

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Sushi, crispy octopus and wagyu tacos in the heated dome at the Bisha Hotel at night
Chelsea Brimstin


The food from Akira Back

Less than 30 minutes after I called to place my order, I heard a knock at the door; the food was already at my suite.

I opened the door to a sweet man named Tom who told me all about his favourite foods and chatted with me as a he set up dinner.

While Tom did an amazing job setting up the beautiful plates inside, the dome made for the perfect intimate spot to eat, so I decided to bring the food outside beneath the starlight. It was a little chilly after the sun went down, but cuddling up beneath the blankets and sitting close to the heater turned the surrounding views of the night sky and twinkly lights into the dream romantic setting for a fancy meal.

The plating was beautiful. Everything came on a sleek black tray and the meals themselves were colourful, looking like works of art. It was all so stunning that I almost didn’t want to eat it – but of course I dove in at the first chance I got and, let me tell you, that dinner was life changing.

The food was unbelievable. The first thing I tried was the AB Wagyu Beef Tacos, served with bulgogi sauce and tomato ponzu. They were revolutionary, with a complex flavour palette, tender meat and a crunchy, bubbled shell.

The crispy octopus was the most pleasing to the eye, but probably my least favourite dish. It was (obviously) still delicious though, with a crisp outer dough coating the tender octopus, all served atop a salsa verde, a red chipotle sauce and a creamy garlic dip.

I saved the best for last. The Hot Mess Roll was the best sushi roll I’ve ever had in my life. The sashimi poke was so smooth and fresh that it literally melted in your mouth, and the texture of the sushi rice was perfection. It all came doused in Akira Back’s signature screaming o’ sauce, which struck the perfect balance between flavour and kick.

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Would I recommend the Bisha Hotel?

Most definitely. Saying goodbye to the Bisha Hotel was something I definitely did not want to do. After waking up from the deepest sleep of my life thanks to their firm, yet cushiony mattress, I had a nice, slow morning with a warm bath in the giant tub.

The French Made
Chelsea Brimstin

Check out was so easy, I walked out of the elevator and was greeted by name as I handed over the keys, and everything was done.

I wasn’t quite ready to leave, so I stopped by the attached café, The French Made. It was honestly way more affordable than I thought, so I ordered myself an Americano and a Pecan Coffee Cake that Alfonso recommended I try. The cake was spiced and flavourful, and I brought it home with me to heat it up in the microwave and have one last taste of the Bisha Hotel.

I think that I’ll be dreaming about the entire experience for weeks to come. From the kind staff to the extravagant décor to the cozy and romantic heated domes, my time at the Bisha Hotel will always hold a special place in my heart.

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