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These Remote Side Hustles Help Make You Extra Cash From Home

In recent years, the side hustle has quickly become a growing trend — and a viable way for us to earn income. For many Canadians, finding the right side hustle is less about having extra money for holidays or expensive gadgets, and more about helping you keep up with the higher cost of living that your salary may not cover.

What is the best side hustle to earn extra money? Your best bet is to find a side hustle that you enjoy, that’s convenient and that makes the most of your existing skills. But what if you want a side hustle that’s more remote? If you want to avoid going out and coming into close contact with others, being an Uber driver might not be the most feasible option. Luckily, the world of side hustles is vast, and there are also plenty of alternatives. To help you think of side hustles that may work for your skills, interests and situation, we’ve rounded up 10 remote side hustles to consider.

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