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The Pros and Cons of AI Writing Your Resume

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AI is everywhere… and can do pretty much anything. It can write your emails, essays and… your resume? As it turns out, using AI to help write your resume makes you eight percent more likely to get a job than those who don’t use AI, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.

But many people aren’t sure if they should use AI. According to a Global News survey, 45 per cent of Canadians think that ChatGPT is a good thing, but 31 per cent disagree, while 24 per cent aren’t sure. 

So should you use AI to write your resume? We break down five pros and five cons so that you can make the best decision for your job-hunting needs. 

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Pro: AI will save you a lot of time

As the saying goes, finding a new job is a full-time job! Using AI to write your resume saves you precious hours, leaving you with more time to look through job listings, attend networking events and prepare for interviews. 

Con: Your resume will lack personality

AI doesn’t know you, it just knows what it finds on the internet and what you’ve told it. So, it can’t write it in your voice and show off your dazzling personality. If you decide to use AI, make sure to edit your resume in your own voice afterward so that it sounds more like you.

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Pro: AI can insert job-friendly keywords

Did you know that many companies use their own AI for hiring? An AI recruiter looks for job description keywords listed in candidates’ resumes to discover which ones are qualified for the role. The best way to beat the AI HR bot? Use your own AI! You can list the job description in your prompts for AI, who can then create a resume that highlights those same keywords to get you a thumbs up from the HR AI. 

Con: You might feel guilty using AI

If you’re one of the 24 per cent of people that Global News says is “unsure” about AI, you may feel guilty about using it to help write your resume. If using the tool creates more anxiety, don’t do it! Job searches are already stressful enough and you don’t need to make it any harder on yourself. 


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Pro: AI won’t make grammar or spelling errors

Worried about making a typo and embarrassing yourself in front of a potential employer? AI definitely won’t be doing that. So, you can count on it being grammatically correct and you can skip the spell-check. 

Con: You still have to edit AI’s work

AI, it’s just like us: it can make mistakes. Even once AI crafts your resume, it won’t be perfect. AI only knows info from the internet and your prompts, so it’s bound to get a few things mixed up. Make sure you give it a good edit afterward to ensure that it didn’t just list your camp counsellor experience when you’re applying for a CFO role.

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Pro: AI can get you an interview

A survey by ResumeBuilder discovered that seven in 10 people who used ChatGPT to write their resume landed an interview. That’s a pretty incredible number, and it’s all because AI created a well-written resume that impressed employers. However, even though AI helped get feet in the door, it’s still up to those candidates to prove themselves as capable in the interview process – without any help from AI.

Con: AI can result in lost job opportunities

ResumeBuilder found that 35 per cent of job applicants have been denied jobs after the employers found out that they used ChatGPT to write their resume or cover letter. With the popularity of AI, employers may start using algorithmic checkers to see if a resume or cover letter has gone through an AI. If so, that could disqualify you from the application process – especially if it’s a communications or writing role.

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Pro: AI can overcome your procrastination

Starting the job search can sometimes feels impossible, overwhelming and scary. Are you really qualified for that role? Should you even bother? A helping hand from AI can get you out of this rut.

Con: AI can stretch the truth

AI is doing its best, but ChatGPT likes to embellish. Although 55 per cent of people already lie on their resume, AI embellishments can disqualify you from the application process or get you fired later down the line. So, make sure AI isn’t lying about or exaggerating your qualifications during the editing process. 

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