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Adopting Dogs Increases Popularity, OkCupid Study Says

Puppy on a lap

As if we needed more reason to take in and love our furever friends, a new study now finds that adopting dogs can inadvertently also help boost our social status in the dating world.

Just in time for International Dog Day on August 26, the dating site OkCupid released findings shedding light on how its users looking for love involve their pups in their dating journeys. 

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Person holding a wee tricoloured puppy and smiling

The findings are based on responses to an in-app questionnaire, where two-thirds of the respondents shared they would either like a dog or already have one, and a similar number showed that the respondents preferred to adopt over buying from a breeder. 

Additionally, 81 per cent stated that they would date someone who adopted a dog, and over half of the respondents revealed that they found “baby-talk” to animals “endearing” rather than embarrassing. 

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Sily looking puppy with light eyes and nose

Senior Marketing Manager at OkCupid, Sitara Menon, shared in a release, “Millennials have always worn many hats and ‘pet parents’ ranks high on the list. During the pandemic, especially, they have spent an increased amount of time indoors with their pets, thus bringing them closer emotionally.

“We decided to take a closer look at what pet parents seek in a relationship and how that impacts a relationship. Pets can serve as a great way for potential matches to form a connection.”

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A person holding a grown Samoyed

While this obviously shouldn’t be the driving motivation to bring home a pet who will require care and be dependent on you for years to come, it’s refreshing to see that others appreciate the special bonds that exist between pets and their parents. 

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