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What to Do if You Hate Your Job

If you’ve never experienced feelings of hatred for your job, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Most people have had times where they’ve asked themselves, “What am I doing here, and why am I doing this?” In fact, according to a global poll conducted by Gallup in 2019, a whopping 85 per cent of people hate their jobs. So, we should all just quit, right? Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s not quite that easy. In a highly competitive job market it’s not so easy to simply land another job. Plus, you still have to pay for the roof over your head and the food in your fridge.

This doesn’t mean you should make peace with the fact that you hate your job, or that you should flip your desk upside down and storm out while yelling dramatically, “I quit!” Instead, here’s what you should do when you hate your job, but getting out isn’t an option just yet.

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