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These 15 Celebrity Nepotism Babies Grew Up Rich

What is a “nepotism baby”? Put simply, the term “nepo baby” refers to stars who grew up experiencing the lifestyles of the rich and the famous because they are the children of famous, rich parents.

While these lucky celebrity children are now talented stars in their own right, it seems like a safe guess that their parents’ industry connections and being afforded opportunities (for example, to study at some of the best art schools — and consequently drop out when their careers started heating up) may have been part of the catapult that launched them to stardom.

Despite Gwyneth’s Paltrow claims that nepotism babies need to work twice as hard, we still believe that being born to Hollywood royalty has given many nepotism-baby stars a major head start. Read on for our list of 15 so-called “nepotism babies” — AKA stars who were born to wealthy and famous families.

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