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A Parisian Dream: Here’s What a Toronto Woman Spent in a Day as a Tourist in Paris

Woman sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower

Whether you’ve set a goal to embark on a solo trip to Europe or you’re just fantasizing about channelling some serious Emily in Paris vibes, many of us dream of exploring the City of Lights — but we also know that international travel can be expensive.

While the cost of the journey from Canada to France varies depending on multiple factors, creator Rita (AKA @riclareau) shared some inspiration for one way to spend a lovely day in Paris — and how much it cost her — on’s TikTok.

Watch the TikTok below and read on below for a breakdown of what Rita spent in a day in Paris.

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@slicedotca Staring at this Parisian food like 👀🤤 Thank you riclareau ✨ #whatispendinaday #parisvibes #areyouhappytobeinparis #parisvacation #francetiktok ♬ original sound – &lt3

Hostel and breakfast: €45 (approx. $58.80 CAD) per night

As Rita explained with her tips for travelling solo in Europe, European hostels are often more budget-friendly than hotels. On this day, Rita saved on the cost of eating out by enjoying the included breakfast at the hostel.

Morning city tour: Free

From monuments to famous buildings, there’s so much to see in Paris. Rita went on a free tour of the city to take in the sights.

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Reading material: €15 (approx. $19.60 CAD)

During a visit to the famous Parisian bookstore Shakespeare and Company, which is located near the Notre-Dame cathedral in the city’s Latin Quarter, Rita picked up an apropos souvenir: a copy of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Ticket to The Louvre: €19 (approx. $24.83 CAD)

The Louvre museum is a must-visit in Paris. Rita’s ticket cost just under €20, though she notes that European citizens under the age of 26 get in for free.

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Falafel wrap: €7.50 (approx. $9.80 CAD)

After spending time exploring The Louvre, Rita recharged with a falafel wrap and chips.

Checking out the Eiffel Tower: Free

Nothing screams “Paris” quite like the Eiffel Tower. While there is a charge if you want to go up in the tower, Rita chose to walk there and view it from below, which was free.


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Macarons: €13 (approx. $16.99 CAD)

Along the way to the Eiffel Tower, Rita stopped to pick up another iconic Parisian treat — a box of elegant macarons.

Photos: free

If you already have a smartphone or camera, taking photos of your day in Paris is free (and pretty much essential).

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Nutella crêpe: €3 (approx. $3.92 CAD)

Rita completed her day’s spending with a sweet and budget-friendly treat.

The total cost of Rita’s day (not including other travel expenses)? It came to €102.5 (approx. $133.93 CAD).

The memories made, however? Those look pretty priceless.

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