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Leonardo DiCaprio Gave Timothée Chalamet Some Good Career Advice Back in the Day

Timothee Chalamet arrives at the premiere of 'The French Dispatch' during the 74th Cannes Film Festival held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France.
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Being a Hollywood “It” star is a pretty exclusive club, but that doesn’t mean that the already-mega-famous aren’t looking out for the up-and-coming stars of today. Just look at ‘90s-teen-heartthrob-turned-47-year-old-Oscar-winner (and rumoured new love interest of 27-year-old Gigi Hadid), Leonardo DiCaprio and 26-year-old Dune star, Timothée Chalamet. 

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According to a new profile of Chalamet in British Vogue, DiCaprio apparently shared his top career advice with Chalamet back in 2018 (when the young actor was first catching acclaim for his role in Call Me by Your Name), “in a moment of near-literal baton passing when they first met,” the Vogue writer says.

DiCaprio’s advice? “No hard drugs and no superhero movies.”

So far, it appears that Chalamet has taken the advice to heart, as his career is flourishing. Earlier this month, his latest film, Bones and All, received an 8.5-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival — but it remains to be seen if Chalamet will offer the same advice to the next generation of Hollywood stars who are now on the rise. And, despite DiCaprio’s advice, we wouldn’t object to Chalamet in a super-powered role, either.

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