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Valentine’s Day 2023: 20 Romantic Gift Ideas to Give Them Butterflies

Fondue kit, candle, intimacy oil and three perfumes
Amazon/Graydon Skincare/Jacob/Key's Soulcare

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re wondering what to gift your sweetheart this year, we have you covered. Here are 20 of the most romantic, thoughtful gift experiences for the ultimate romantic night (or day). 

Saje Wellness Om diffuser kit
Saje Wellness

Set your space up with good vibes

Ancient civilizations from the Romans and Greeks to the Egyptians and Chinese have used essential oils as part of skincare and therapy. You may already be aware of the many benefits essential oils can bring into your own space, but even if you’re not, you can set yourself and your sweetie up with Saje’s award-winning Aroma Om Ultrasonic Diffuser kit. Purify and humidify any space with Saje’s 100 per cent natural essential oil blend – with either a euphoric mix of lavender, geranium or ylang ylang essential oils. The diffuser releases negative ions to reduce dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens, and comes with a decorative cement cover and an optional LED light feature to add ambiance on your special day. 

Aroma Om Cool Mist Diffuser, Saje Wellness, $98.  

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Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz in a sentimental moment
Keys Soulcare

Bring a little soulcare into your day

Alicia Keys’ recently launched line of self-care and beauty products, Keys Soulcare, combines modern skin science with ancient beauty rituals. The line is now offering the ultimate all-you-need Soulmate Ritual to share with your twin flame. Tapping into the bond Keys and her husband, producer Swizz Beatz, share, the Soulmate Ritual helps you both set intentions and savour quiet moments with each other and in the day – proving it’s the little things that count.

The Keys Soulmate Ritual includes a Sage and Oat Milk Candle to energize and add clarity, the Golden Cleanser with turmeric and chamomile to purify and soothe skin, the Be Luminous Exfoliator, Reviving Aura Mist for an instant refresh and to elevate your mood, the Obsidian Facial Roller to improve circulation and absorption and an all-over Comforting Balm. The kit is truly a gift for the giver and the receiver. 

The Soulmate Ritual, Keys Soulcare, $237.  


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Couple in his and hers matching robes in gray

Bring the spa home to you with these matching his and hers robes

Whether you’re setting up an at-home spa day to celebrate with your partner or you’re looking for a thoughtful but practical gift, these his and hers matching robes will set the tone for the day or eve ahead. 

Terry Cloth Robes for Couples, Amazon, $124.

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Grey candle

Create ambiance with a hand-poured candle

This cutely designed, hand-poured soy-wax candle is a great sentiment to share with someone you care for, and it’s a perfect addition to a romantic night in. The dusty white matte ceramic “pinky promise” vessel carries its signature Wild Fig & Cedar scent – a sweet fig aroma punctuated by notes of cedar, patchouli and bergamot orange. Turn the lights low, light the candle and create a memorable ambiance. Best part? When the candle is done, you and your sweetheart can reuse the stylish container to store favourite items. 

Paddywax Impressions Artisan Hand-Poured Scented Candle, Amazon, $26.

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SELV Rituel quartz immersive kit
SELV Rituel

Level up your bath ritual with this divine immersive kit

In 2022, bath soaks were dominating beauty trends on TikTok, and we’re willing to bet this self-care ritual will continue into 2023. Give the gift of focused self-care with small-batch, Canadian-owned SELV Rituel’s Bath Immersive Kit. The kit includes aromatic ingredients such as rose buds, incense and other skin-nourishing ingredients, including Himalayan pink salt and vitamin E and other oils. Add the items one by one and savour the ritual. 

Bath Immersive Kit, SELV Rituel, $38. 

Silky satin gray sheets


Make bedtime a little extra special with these satin sheets

Calling all tactile twosomes: these silky, high lustre, wrinkle-free satin sheets will add luxury to your nighttime ritual. Find the right size for your mattress and get ready to enjoy the smooth-silky feel of this six-piece set. Getting up out of bed just got harder.

Madison Park Satin Wrinkle-Free Luxurious 6-Piece Sheet Set in Grey Queen, Amazon, $50. 

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Family on a puzzle

Put your favourite couple picture on a puzzle

What better way to let that special someone know you fit together like two pieces of a puzzle than to gift them a personalized wooden puzzle that you can work on jointly? Make it a favourite couple picture or memory, and you’ll be reliving the moment all over again. Not only will putting the puzzle together introduce a relaxing mindfulness ritual, but it will help you both reaffirm that you’re working towards the same goals. Once complete, you can put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Choose the best level of difficulty and send in a high-resolution version of the picture, and you’re set. 

Personalized Puzzle for Adults (500 Piece), Amazon, $31.

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Cool To Connect Classic Deck
Cool To Connect

Build intimacy and closeness with thought-provoking questions

This Canadian-made gift is the perfect way to get to know your partner even better through the art of conversation by following the question prompts on the cards in the Cool to Connect Classic Deck. The cards include questions that delve deeper, but also create opportunities to uncover answers to questions you wouldn’t normally ask one another. Want to take it up a notch? Try the Cool to Connect After Dark or, for a little personal reflection, the Cool to Connect Guided Journal

Cool to Connect Classic Deck and Cool to Connect After Dark, Cool to Connect, $37 each.


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Three Ships buttercream hydrating lip mask

Nourish lips with this Canadian hydrating lip mask

This functional gift is not only a great option during the cold winter months, but it will also ensure your partner’s pout is supple-soft. Three Ships is a Canadian small-business, and its Buttercream Lip Mask is packed with natural ingredients such as shea butter, avocado, coconut and sunflower oils. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, artificial colours or flavours and other hidden nasties, so you can rest assured you’re gifting only the best.

Three Ships Buttercream Hydrating Lip Mask, Amazon, $18.

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JACOB trio of scents

Help your love zero in on their signature scent

Does your special someone have a go-to signature scent like Rihanna? Is it warm and woodsy? Or citrusy and light? If they don’t yet have that go-to perfume, help them discover it! To get your partner started, a few great options include bottled-in-Quebec, French-designed and newly re-released legendary JACOB trio of fragrances.

Designed by the oldest and the world’s most established fragrance house, Charabot, each of the timeless and nostalgia-filled fragrances brings out something a little different. Classique is like a staple you can savour for any occasion, infused with sparkling pink peppercorn and a dazzling citrus. Joie De Vivre is summary, playful and fun – ideal for those looking for a fresh, modern fragrance that embraces carefree moments and simple pleasures. Think: an energizing composition of passion fruit and pineapple coupled with iridescent freesia petals. And lastly, Very Chic is like that little black dress – perfect for a night out or a special occasion, embracing a ready-for-anything attitude that’s bold, and warming – perfect for the colder winter months. 

Classique, Joie De Vivre and Very Chic, JACOB, $70 each.


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Intimacy Oil
Graydon Skincare

Bring each other into focus with intimacy oil

This all-Canadian brand has a great line of plant-powered, premium skincare products, and it now offers its multipurpose dry-touch body oil (note, this is not a lubricant). Its velvety, serum-like consistency is nourishing and quick absorbing, but also the perfect option if you’re looking to give your significant other a romantic massage. The Intimacy Oil calms sensitive skin and revitalizes and tones it with vitamin E. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and waterless as well as dermatologist- and clinically tested. Additionally, Graydon Skincare is also donating $1 dollar to support LGBTQ2S+ and marginalized youth for every 100 ml bottle sold, with the goal of raising $10,000. You can feel good while doing good.

Intimacy Oil, Graydon Skincare, $49.

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Drizzle superfood honey

Sweeten the deal with some premium craft honey

Support Canadian small business-owned Drizzle and gift your sweetie the ultimate natural sweetener: this Drizzle Superfood Honey Box Set. You’ll find Ginger Shine and Turmeric Gold raw pure honey as well as a honey dipper. It’s a blend of superfoods, rich in nutrients and beneficial enzymes, and perfect for any ritual that calls for a little added sweetness. 

Drizzle Superfood Honey Box Set, Amazon, $50. 

Chocolate fondue maker

Create new memories with your favourite foodie

Nothing says romance quite like chocolate-covered strawberries, except perhaps “chocolate fondue maker kit.” OK, so that doesn’t flow quite as well, but you can be assured that all that chocolate will. The kit comes with a deluxe electric dessert fountain fondue pot set, four forks and a party serving tray. If you prefer savoury over sweet, simply swap out the chocolate for cheese and you’re set. 

Chocolate Fondue Kit, Amazon, $50. 


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Valentine's Day card

If you can’t put it in words, put it on a card

This professionally printed card says it all without saying too much. Small business-owned and Canadian, Top Hat and Monocle greeting cards are made on high quality card stock and come in a great craft brown envelope. 

Top Hat and Monocle Greeting Cards Valentines Day Card, Amazon, $6. 

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Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

Embrace the gushy, gushy with a classic read

Love love? There is a reason it’s one of the most common subjects for writers and poets alike. While there are many out there, Pablo Neruda is a perennial favourite. This Chilean bard definitely had a way of describing the potent emotions that defy the confines of language. 

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda, Amazon, $18. 

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What I Love About You by Me Book

What you can’t write in a card, put it in a book

This little book contains fill-in-the-blank pages where you can truly describe all the things and reasons why you love that special someone. With 112 pages, the ideas are endless and may have them (and you) reaching for a tissue. 

Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill-In-The-Blank Journal, Amazon, $17. 

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Black UGG sis slippers

Bring extra coziness with this slipper

These slippers are perfect for those date nights in, watching a movie or cooking dinner with a new recipe. A re-imagination of the iconic Scuffette UGG slipper, this suede slipper will surely keep their feet warm with the super soft sheepskin lining and collar. Plus, the textile binding is made from 100 per cent recycled polyester fibers. 

Scruff Sis Slipper, UGG, $125. 


White Vases spelling You & Me with pink flowers inside
Uncommon Goods

Spruce up the space with a personalized vase of their initials

What better way to express how you feel all year round than with some home décor. You can say something sweet — or spicy (because why not?) or just simply choose their initials. Developed by NYC-based designer Tracy Llewellyn, these vases are made from porcelain and are perfectly imperfect to add individuality to each letter. Not only can you fill them with flowers, but you can have them alone, with nothing in it and it’ll still look perfect. 

Alphabet Vase, Uncommon Goods, $71 each.

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Pink Instax Mini with polaroid

Capture sweet memories in an instant

They say the best memories are the ones that are caught on camera. And, what better way than to bring the nostalgia with a photo that develops instantly. This Instax Mini Polaroid travels well and is perfect to take on day trips, long weekend trips or special occasions. The new auto exposure feature means there is no need to adjust the exposure manually, so you could get the best photo no matter the lighting conditions. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera, Amazon, $84 (On sale now).

Light up song plaque on a wooden stand.

Display your favourite song that reminds you of each other

Whether it’s a ‘90s or early 2000s throwback, a love ballad or the recent hit off of Taylor Swift’s new album, this music plaque displays a photo along with the title and artist of the song as if it came straight from the Spotify app. You can add the album art or a personal photo of you and your partner. Not only does it come with a wooden stand, but it lights up too! They’ll surely love this sentimental and romantic gift displayed in their home. 

Custom Album Cover Music Plaque Lamp, Etsy, $23 (On sale now).


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