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All the Best Self-Care Tools From TikTok

Woman in a bath of citrus and ferns

To say this past year has been difficult would be an understatement. With a raging global pandemic, countless lockdowns and the general state of languishing, we found it made life feel a little… dull. To combat this, we turned to self-care routines which went from being indulgent to essential. TikTok has become a goldmine for discovering what’s out there to help us deal and take better care of ourselves and our health. These are the top TikTok inspired self-care tools and tricks that have us loading our digital carts.

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@skinbyrileybmy highly requested hair care routine 🤍 #haircare #morningroutine #tiktokpartner #straightupskincare♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi


Good hair days

Even with gradual re-openings, not everyone can get to the salon (just yet), so why not bring that feeling home? Use a silicone scalp brush to give hair and head a little massage with every lather. The soft bristles help to get rid of build-up and stimulate the scalp to support new growth.  

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@mireyariosAlso jaw and neck but ran out of space 🤦🏻‍♀️ #relationshipstorytime #jaderoller #faceroller #facemassage #skincaretips #beautytipsbymireya♬ original sound Mireya Rios

Rolling with it

There’s no doubt that skincare reigned supreme over this last little while. While we figured out all the lotions and potions, there are also tools that can help achieve those skin care goals. Enter the jade roller. The smooth texture of the roller aids in product absorption and feels amazing on the skin. Add it to the nighttime routine for some extra TLC.

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@florencebymillsa small change for a BIG impact with our reusable bamboo cotton rounds ✨🌎 #florencebymills #earthday #sustainable♬ original sound – florence by mills


It’s like skincare, but make it eco-friendly. These reusable rounds are made of bamboo cotton and can be used to apply just about anything. The best part is, just throw them in the wash and they are ready to be used again. We stand for Green Queen.

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@hannahkim903look up “korean italy towel” on amazon 🥰♬ original sound – Hannah Kim


Turn the shower into a sanctuary by upgrading the tools. Try swapping out the loofah (which might have seen better days) for an exfoliating bath towel. These towels are popular in Korea and provide a light exfoliation with each shower. It leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh and the lightweight material dries quickly to avoid any gross buildup.

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@yayayayoungA simple but nice addition to washing your face! #cleansing #siliconescrubber #facewash #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok♬ Lofi Hip Hop Chill – Oleg Kashchenko


Our faces can always use a little extra care, so give it that by investing in a silicone face scrubber. The tiny bristles gently exfoliate which allows for a deep clean and better absorption of products. Stick to exfoliating two to three times a week to avoid damaging the area and for maximum glow.

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@justin_agustinIf you can’t foam roll from the floor, try these alternatives. #learnontiktok #howtotiktok #foamroller #beginnerfitness♬ Sunset Vibes – Lofi Network

Rolling in the deep

Working from home has really taken a toll on our bodies. Aches and pains are pretty common now as sitting hunched over for hours dominates our day; it can’t be good for anyone. Invest in a foam roller and spend some time rolling out all the sore spots.

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@dr.maminaMichiko has another tip for you 💗 #dermatologist #tiktokdoc #drybrushing #antiaging #learnontiktok #fyp #fy♬ original sound – Mamina Turegano, MD

Brush your shoulders off

Dry brushing has many benefits including improved circulation and blood flow. Help slough off dull and dry skin while indulging in a fun skin ritual. Invest in a dry brush made from natural fibers to add a little eco-friendly luxury to the routine.

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@inoki_bathhouseHere’s a silky rose chamomile bath 🌱 #bathsoak #bathtok #selfcare #relaxing #bathbomb #athomespa #smallbusiness #relaxation♬ Thinking about violent crimes – Christian 🦋

Soak it in

Taking the nursery rhyme “I’m a little teapot” to a literal level, enter bath soaks. Popping up on the FYP are bath teas and brews which are meant to level up bath time for any adult. These bath soak concoctions can be curated and customized in terms of scent, skincare needs or level of indulgence (think: tiny rosebuds or gold flakes). Slip into one of these luxe baths and come out feeling “brew”-tiful.

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@emmyrabbitAutumn Bath 🍂🍁🌻 #falltiktok #holidaysourway #holidaycountdown #ReadySetShop #stillnovember♬ Campfire – Charmer & Klay

Tray chic

Heaving is a corner on TikTok has where content creators film really lux bath set-ups. Almost each one includes a version of the bath caddy. Some people really go all out and set up mini charcuterie boards and champagne while some keep it simple with a candle and a book. Be sure to grab a bath tray and live the best version of your mermaid life.

@_alexakatherineCheck out my amazon favorites in my bio. #amazon #amazonfavorites #alarm #alarmclock #clock #wakeupinthemorning #clearmind #goodmorning♬ original sound – Alexa Katherine

Rise and shine

The pandemic really drove home the idea that time is just a made-up concept, so it really doesn’t matter what time we get up. Just kidding!  Maybe on the weekends, but part of being a functional adult is having a solid routine that doesn’t waver much day-to-day. Invest in a wake-up light to emulate a natural sunrise instead of waking up to the glare of a cell phone and 967 missed notifications. Some of these lights come with built in nature sounds so we can surround ourselves with birds chirping and babbling brooks as opposed to construction and children screaming.

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