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Creator of Viral ‘Dating Wrapped’ TikTok Talks Data, Red Flags and Dating Success in 2023

Woman wearing a make boys cry black shirt
Alexandria McLean

‘Tis the season for Spotify Wrapped, where users get to see a summary of the most listened-to favourite or maybe embarrassing (don’t worry we won’t judge) songs of the year. Well, one Toronto creator, Alexandria (AKA @alexandriathemediocore), made a spin on the idea by creating a “Dating Wrapped” TikTok summarizing all of the dates she’s gone on in 2022. 

“I thought it would be fun,” she said – and fun is exactly what it is – as her hilarious TikTok has gone viral with 1.2 million views and over 17 thousand shares. It has also captured the attention of Bumble, CFDA and famous TikTok influencers like Davis Burleson and Tana Mongeau.

We caught up with Alexandria to talk about why she started tracking her dates, her red flags and her approach to dating success next year.

Watch her TikTok below:

@alexandriathemediocre It’s brutal out here ✨ #spotifywrapped ##dating##datingintoronto##bumble##hinge ♬ original sound – Alexandria

Alexandria went on 21 first dates this year

Ever since she started dating, Alexandria has always kept track of all the dates she’s been on in her notes app. She jots down information like the name of the person, what app they met on and a one-liner recap of how the date went. Since she looks forward to Spotify Wrapped every year, she decided to combine the two. 

It was mostly for my friends… people enjoyed it and are now taking part in it, which is awesome.

“I probably worked on the PowerPoint for a couple [of] hours and then filmed it for a couple [hours], so maybe [a total of] four hours,” she told us. “It was mostly for my friends and obviously people enjoyed it and are now taking part in it, which is really awesome.” Her PowerPoint was definitely data-driven, as she broke down that she met 66 per cent of her dates on Bumble and 33 per cent on Hinge

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It’s giving range (types of date wise)

When it comes to the types of dates that Alexandria went on, going for drinks came in at 42 per cent, and she went on walking dates 28 per cent of the time. Walking dates are not her fave, though she didn’t realize that until she reflected back. “People were commenting and thought it was because I want people to spend money. That’s not the case. It puts so much pressure on both people because you feel like you need to talk the whole time. I find on walking dates, time passes a lot slower than when you’re actually doing an activity or having fun,” she explains. 


…a lot of times on a first date, both parties are really nervous.

“I think an arcade bar is the ideal first date because it takes the pressure off needing to fill conversation the whole time. I think a lot of times on a first date, both parties are really nervous. So, you could play around, have fun playing games and then chat in between.” 

But her most cringe-worthy date this year? Alexandria shared that she went to a PR event with her date (who knew everybody there) and people thought they were in “a full-blown relationship,” even if they had only met that night. 

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Woman sitting in a NYC subway looking at the camera
Alexandria McLean

Biggest red flags

When it came to who called things off, 19 per cent of Alexandria’s dates ended it with her. “Honestly that’s a low number, considering I’m a walking red flag,” she jokes.

As for red flags that Alexandria looks out for in dates? She finds that how they interact with others, especially if it’s with people they come into, including servers, is very telling.  

At the end of the day, we’re all human beings with feelings.

Alexandria also loves stand-up comedy, and somehow works it into conversation. “I really love stand-up comedy. I will work [it] into the conversation…who were their favourite stand-up comedians? I’ll ask them their thoughts on Joe Rogan. If they say they love him, red flag.” 


Don’t ghost,” she told us. “Even if you just send a text saying, ‘hey it was great meeting you, but I don’t feel a connection.’ At the end of the day, we’re all human beings with feelings.”

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For pre-Dating Wrapped 2023

Even though she’s still a single gal, Alexandria is taking what she learned to help her with success in 2023. “I’m a firm believer in don’t take life too seriously, especially with dating,” she mentions. “Dating can feel like a second job. It’s just so much work. The moment it stops being fun is when you start feeling down and having a bad narrative toward dating. A dating app helps keep it fun.”

…I feel like there’s so many rules. I throw rules out the window. 

Her biggest takeaways: Don’t take dating too seriously, and always shoot your shot. “I think in dating, gender stereotypes are so strong and it’s so unfortunate. I feel like there’s so many rules. I throw rules out the window. If I like you, you’ll know it. And I think everyone should be that way. 

Who knows, Alexandria might make another ‘Dating Wrapped’ for 2023, and if you’re a potential prospect, don’t expect her to cry over you. “We do not cry over men.”

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