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Hinge Predicts What Canadian Singles Want in 2022

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While open conversations around mental health and therapy may have been taboo in the past, it’s clear that, these days, people are fully embracing wellness practices that support mental hygiene and its upkeep heading into 2022. Moreover, singles are also prioritizing this in their prospective partners. 

If you’re looking to find a partner in the coming year, Hinge has some advice to share: based on a recent study, the popular dating platform found that the biggest deal-breaker for singles was the neglect of mental health. 

Furthermore, a large majority of respondents (90 per cent, to be exact) are shifting away from frequent social media use while 78 per cent of Hinge users say it’s a red flag when someone is a little too into Instagram.  

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Instead, users are moving towards wellness and mental health practices, such as having regular check-ins with a therapist. Interestingly, 91 per cent of those surveyed prefer someone who already goes to therapy. This skyrockets to 97 per cent when the approach is broadened to include actively taking care of your mental health in some other form. 

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What’s more, the Hinge study found that you’d be more likely to get a second date if you openly talked about going to therapy on a first date, yet only eight per cent of respondents actually feel comfortable bringing this up themselves.

This further suggests we still have a ways to go towards normalizing and destigmatizing not only mental health and therapy, but conversations around both. 

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