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Skincare Saviours: A Vitamin C and Niacinamide Combo Could Be the Key to Perfect Skin

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Whether you’re someone who loves to slug your skin, or you’re into a dewy, clean girl look, you have to know the right ingredients to use if you want to achieve the perfect skincare routine.

There are a number of buzzy skincare ingredients that most of us have in our fave products, from Hyaluronic acid to vitamin E, and of course, vitamin C and niacinamide. Many of us have heard of these skin-saving superstars but may not be aware of how they work on our skin, how they may be combined or the best order to layer them.

While your best bet with skincare is always to consult a dermatologist for your individual skin concerns, understanding how certain ingredients work can be helpful when you’re creating your routine. And, when it comes to vitamin C and niacinamide, it looks like the two ingredients can be great not just individually — together, they can work to create a hydrating, brightening and anti-aging concoction. Let’s explore the basics behind these popular skincare ingredients, and how you can use them together.

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What is vitamin C?

Most of us think of oranges or lemons when we hear vitamin C, and while it can be tasty in these edible forms, vitamin C is also a great ingredient for your skin. In skincare, vitamin C can brighten your skin and protect it from free radicals in the environment, dermatologist Dr. Derrick Phillips told Yahoo! News.

According to Healthline, vitamin C is excellent at fading hyperpigmentation, reducing redness and is great for anti-aging because it boosts collagen production. Plus, it’s also safe to use on most different skin types — so whether you’re dry, oily or prone to breakouts, you can incorporate it into your routine (although you should always do a patch test when trying a new product just in case you are allergic).

Vitamin C comes in the form of serums and creams, but as a serum, you can get a higher concentration of the product, while it stays more stable and penetrates your skin better.


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Women doing skincare

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide is also a vitamin, as it is a form of vitamin B3. In skincare, this ingredient is anti-inflammatory, which can calm breakouts or skin that’s prone to rosacea. It’s also great for wrinkles.

Plus, if you have really sensitive or dry skin, niacinamide is less harsh than other ingredients such as retinol, which might sensitize the skin.

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How to layer vitamin C and niacinamide properly

Although these two ingredients work together (they’re both antioxidants!), you shouldn’t go hunting for products containing both of them to mix, as they work best when layered.  To layer them properly, use a lighter product first (such as a serum) and then wait to apply moisturizer after. So, if you have a vitamin C serum and then a moisturizer or night cream that contains niacinamide, use the serum first.

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The benefits of combining vitamin C and niacinamide

According to the Kate Sommerville website, “the many vitamin C and niacinamide skin benefits complement each other and create a powerful combination that targets fine lines” so for anyone hoping for a fresh-faced glow, “combining these two skincare ingredients can help achieve more youthful, healthy-looking skin.”

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The best products to use

To up your skincare routines, try this light niacinamide serum:

Inkey list bottle of niacinamide

The INKEY List Niacinamide Oil Control Serum, Sephora, $10.


And then you can add a hydrating vitamin C gel cream:

Vitamin C

REN Clean Skincare Radiance Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream, Sephora, $23.

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