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The Most Popular Baby Names in Canada, Broken Down by Province

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What’s in a name? No, we’re not going to wax poetic on you, but there’s just something about baby names that leave many of us absolutely fascinated. What’s hot, what’s not? What does a name say about a person, if anything? Will Olivia forever be #1 for baby gal names and will Karen officially go the way of the dodo? These are all questions we need answers to, pronto.

In recent years, we’ve arguably become even more obsessed with baby names. We highly doubt that, a handful of decades ago, the general pop was worried about what spelling alternative to Abigail was most popular (Abbigail, Abbygail, Abigale, Abigayle?) or whether or not their neighbour named their son Edward or Henry. Even if we’re not in the market for a baby name, we’re drawn to articles that list the hottest name trends and the ones that are quickly declining in popularity (see: Susan and Kyle). There’s an actual science behind it too, that until recently had researchers and historians flummoxed for decades. (Get what you need to know on that here.) Our theory? It has everything to do with the unique, clever or downright odd monikers celebs give to their offspring.

So if you’re expecting a bundle of joy in 2021 – or are just inexplicably curious like the rest of us – we’ve broken down the most popular baby names in Canada by province and territory. The most recent available data (with the exception of Nunavut) is from 2019 but the trends spotted two years ago are still in motion.

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Girls: Olivia, Charlotte, Sophia, Emma and Ava


Boys: Noah, Liam, Oliver, Ethan and Jack

British Columbia

Girls: Olivia, Charlotte, Emma, Ava and Sophia

Boys: Oliver, Liam, Lucas, Ethan and Noah


Girls: Emily, Ava, Charlotte, Oliva and Emma

Boys: Liam, Lucas, William, Noah and Ethan

New Brunswick

Girls: Oliva, Amelia, Emma, Charlotte and Violet

Boys: Liam, Noah, Jack, Jackson and Benjamin

Newfoundland and Labrador

Girls: Charlotte, Lily/Lilly, Emma, Olivia and Layla/Leila/Laylah/Laila

Boys: Jack, William, Liam, Greyson/Grayson/Graysin and Jackson/Jaxin/Jaxyn/Jaxxon/Jaxson/Jaxon

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Nova Scotia

Girls: Olivia, Charlotte, Ivy, Ava and Nora

Boys: Oliver, Benjamin, William, Jack and Levi

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Prince Edward Island

Girls: Nora, Charlotte, Amelia, Olivia and Scarlett

Boys: Hudson, Liam, Owen, Henry and Charlie

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Filles: Olivia, Emma, Alice, Charlie and Charlotte

Garçons: Liam, William, Thomas, Leo and Noah


Girls: Olivia, Emma, Amelia, Sophia and Emily

Boys: Liam, Jack, Hudson, Noah and Oliver

Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut

In the Northwest Territories, Zoey, Hazel and Kinsley reign supreme for the gals, while Elias, John and Joseph are the top of the tops for the lads.

Although less data is provided in Yukon, Henry was the top name for boys while the girls had an even four-way split between Isla, Ava, Livia and Quinn. (Bonus tip: Olivia too common a name? Try Livia.)

As for Nunavut, they haven’t released any new baby name data since 2015, but at that time Liam, Mason and Sandy were tops for boys, while Anna, Samantha and Sarah rounded out the top three for girls.

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