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10 Beautiful Tarot Card Decks Available in Canada

Woman sitting on the floor with pastel tarot cards

Sometimes, we’re all in need of a little guidance from the universe, and tarot cards are a unique way to gain some insight and clarity into what could be happening with your love life, career and more. In the last few years, tarot has continued to gain popularity as people turn to the cards to predict what their future could potentially have in store, with many people seeing it as a great way to connect with themselves.

As tarot continues to take over, we’ve found some of the most stunning tarot decks in Canada — including seven from Canadian authors and illustrators. Whether you’re looking for a witchy deck, a classic deck or one for a Harry Styles stan (yes, you read that correctly!), there’s something for everyone, beginners and pros alike.

Take a look at our picks for 10 beautiful tarot decks to start shopping ASAP.

Bad bitches tarot deck with cards

For the empowered woman, try the Bad Bitches Tarot

If you want a deck that’s equal parts sassy and mystical, the Bad Bitches Tarot deck could just be the perfect set of cards for you. The cards are by Vancouver-based Ethony Dawn, who is a tarot author, reader and modern witch. The deck comes with a guidebook with interpretations for each card, including some for your love life, work life and finances.

Bad Bitches Tarot Card Deck, Ethony, $40

The Modern Witch Tarot front with witch

For a witchy deck, it doesn’t get more perfect than the Modern Witch Tarot

This all-female deck features women of diverse backgrounds, and it’s absolutely stunning. Channel your inner witch with Lisa Sterle’s fashionable and modern illustrated cards and let the magic begin!

Modern Witch Tarot, Amazon, $30

Harry Styles major arcana cards

For the One Direction fans, try the Harry Styles Tarot

Does it get more golden than this stunning deck featuring none other than Harry Styles? This ethereal Harry Styles-themed major arcana deck is from Toronto-based Etsy creator comes with 23 arcana cards and two lovers cards. The cards can be incorporated into a full deck if you already have one, but if not, feel free to blast “Watermelon Sugar” and use the major arcana as-is.

Harry Styles Tarot Cards, Etsy, $44


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A black and gold marigold tarot deck with a skull
13th Press

For a beautifully edgy deck, try The Marigold Tarot

This witchy black-and-gold deck was illustrated by Ontario-based artist Amrit Brar. The 78-card deck features metallic gold ink printing and also comes with a downloadable PDF guide that explains the symbolism of the cards. According to the 13th Press website, the deck takes references from nature and anatomy, as well as Punjabi imagery.

The Marigold Tarot, 13th Press, $56

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Pink and purple tarot cards

For the minimalist, try this pastel deck

Victoria, B.C.’s Homebound Tarot has created the perfect deck for pastel lovers with these minimalist cards. The simple illustrations are perfect for showing off on Instagram after doing some readings, and the cards are so cute you might just want to display them at all times.

Homebound Tarot Deck, Etsy, $50

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Celestial botanical tarot cards

For plant moms, try The Celestial Botanical Oracle Deck

Celestials Studio is based in Calgary, Alta., and their celestial designs will transport you to another realm. This 60-card botanical deck is perfect for all plant lovers and comes with a 128-page guidebook to explain the spiritual meaning behind each species.

The Celestial Botanical Oracle Deck, Etsy, $55

Tattoo tarot deck

For the tattoo enthusiast, try The Tattoo Tarot

This deck by Canadian shop, Ashcarden, is a great size to use at parties since it’s about as big as a regular deck of playing cards. The deck is colourful and complete with traditional tattoo-inspired illustrations that make it perfect for the ink-obsessed. It also comes with a cute velvet bag for transport.

Tattoo Tarot, Etsy, $25

The Muse tarot deck with four cards

For a colourful and quirky deck, try The Muse Tarot

Feel the magic with this pretty 78-card deck from Chris-Anne Donnelly, who is based in the Greater Toronto Area. In this deck, the suits are recast as Emotions (Cups), Inspiration (Wands), Voices (Swords) and Materials (Pentacles). It even comes with a guidebook to break down the meanings behind the cards.


The Muse Tarot: A 78-Card Deck & Guidebook, Amazon, $31

The Wild Unknown Pocket tarot tin

For a deck you can take anywhere, try The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot

This deck can fit in your purse, your backpack or your pocket, making it perfect for tarot readers on the go. The animal and nature-inspired cards are packed in an eco-friendly tin, so you can store them with ease.

The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot, Amazon, $20

A tarot deck with a sun and horse with a child
The Rock Store

For an updated classic deck, try the Albano-Waite Tarot

This deck is available at Toronto’s The Rock Store. The deck is a reprint of the classic 78-card tarot deck that was first published in 1968, and the illustrations take their inspiration from Pamela Colman Smith’s designs.

Albano-Waite Tarot Deck, The Rock Store, $31

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