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Pinterest Predicts: These Will Be the Top 5 Date Ideas for Gen Z in 2023

A young woman and man smile while enjoying a picnic

Even if you aren’t a devotee to the new year, new you mindset, there’s something about this season that gets us excited about what fun and adventures the year to come has in store — especially when it comes to love and dating. But just what kinds of dates does 2023 have in store for you? Pinterest has some ideas for what the top date ideas will be in 2023, according to the latest Pinterest Predicts report.

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Pinterest Predicts that Gen Z will ‘Date Different’ in 2023

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a classic dinner-and-a-movie date — but Pinterest predicts that 2023 will see people looking to “Date Different.” The report explains that, in 2023, Gen Z will “embark on a different kind of dating experience.” Specifically, the report predicts that people — especially younger people — will look for alternatives to the same-old happy hour dates, favouring date ideas that can lead to unique experiences.

Here are five of the trending date ideas that Pinterest predicts will be huge in 2023:

  • Bookstore date +195%
  • Date picnic ideas +385%
  • Creative date night ideas +120%
  • Aquarium date +235%
  • Museum dates +70%

Picnic dates? Strolling around museums? Visiting your local bookstore and smiling at each other while you peek through the shelves? If these romantic date ideas all feel like they could be pulled straight from a ‘90s or 2000s romcom starring Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Lopez, that might be for good reason: another of Pinterest’s 2023 predictions is the impending emergence of “Romcom Core” 

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What is the Pinterest Predicts report?

Just how much confidence can we place on Pinterest’s predictions? Typically, the annual report is pretty accurate. For the past three years, 80 per cent of their report predictions (which cover everything from fashion and beauty trends to the latest in home decor) came true.

Pinterest has become pretty good at predicting what we’ll be searching for next year, and their latest Pinterest Predicts report tells us that, in 2023, we’re going to be searching for different kinds of dating experiences. We can confirm: looking back at last year’s predictions for 2022, most seem to have come to fruition (ahem, dopamine dressing).


While the report isn’t, of course, foolproof, we can’t help but hope that their predictions for 2023 are accurate, at least when it comes to dating. Who couldn’t use a little more romance in their lives? In fact, we’d even suggest that we start planning some fun date activities before 2022 is up. After all, as they say in Love Actually, “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”

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