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TikTok 2022: The Top Creators, Songs, Hashtags and Trends of the Year

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The year 2022 was a big one for TikTok – from the rise of beloved in-app hits like “It’s Corn!” to spotlighting small businesses. The year is quickly coming to a close, and to mark the occasion, TikTok Canada is highlighting some of the top creators, songs, hashtags and trends of 2022.

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“We’re honoured to celebrate our global community who shaped this year’s trends, shared new ideas, learned from one another, and turned their passions into careers and livelihoods throughout 2022,” TikTok Chief Operating Officer Vanessa Pappas explains. “It’s been truly inspiring to see over a billion people around the world showing their creativity and come together to experience joy and find a sense of belonging on TikTok.”

Canada, specifically, has had some standout moments this year. In fact, Canadian TikTokers have really been elevating marginalized voices and highlighting artists throughout 2022.

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“Canadian TikTok creators continue to make content that celebrates the uniqueness of our identities, enriches our lives and makes us smile,” TikTok North America GM Marisa Hammonds adds. “Their impact is felt around the world and goes beyond our platform. Congratulations to the creators, small business owners and artists who were highlighted, and to our entire community, for making 2022 a year to remember.”

Check out some of the biggest moments on Canadian TikTok in 2022 below.

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The most memorable TikTok videos

From pet videos to comedy clips to ASMR food prep, TikTok has been at the forefront of popular video content in 2022. Canadian TikTokers have dropped memorable videos far and wide, so feast your eyes on some of the most memorable ones below.

  1. @jamie32bsh’s mirror selfie dance to a sped-up remix of Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right.”
  2. @w2sixpackchef’s soothing, ASMR-style cucumber slicing.
  3. @parisa_henna_art’s Eid henna inspiration (part 2).
  4. @tamarasbluechicken’s sweet, mimicking blue bird.
  5. @kristenandreafe scaring her boyfriend with a TikTok filter.

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Two women doing a makeup tutorial

Popular TikTok tutorials

Everyone was ready to learn on this year and, whether you were discovering new recipes or looking to change up your wellness routines, TikTok had you covered.

  1. @ongsquad shows us the right way to cut a pineapple without getting sticky fingers.
  2. @natashathasan’s tutorial on how to make a no-sew saree.
  3. @shinanova teaches viewers the meaning behind Inuit facial expressions.
  4. @huxintingting offers up tips on how to make mung bean noodles from scratch.
  5. @ilysmnails explains how to give your cuticles some TLC.

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The trending tunes on TikTok

In 2022, 13 out of the 14 Billboard Hot 100 number one songs were driven by TikTok trends, placing the app at the forefront of popular music. Here are the top trending tunes on TikTok Canada.

  1. “MEAN!” – Madeline The Person
  2. “L$d” – Luclover
  3. “Ginseng Strip 2002” – Yung Lean
  4. “About Damn Time” – Lizzo
  5. “Forever” – Labrinth
  6. “As It Was” – Harry Styles
  7. “Jiggle Jiggle” – Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux
  8. “oui” – Jeremih
  9. “Own Brand Freestyle” – FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac
  10. “THATS WHAT I WANT” – Lil Nas X

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A person filming themselves with a dress

Trending creators, celebrities and artists

Creators lie at the heart of TikTok, and in Canada, trending creators, celebrities and artists reached new heights as they embraced self-love and offered up fun-loving parodies.

  1. @nurse.johnn – Nurse John rose to fame on TikTok after sharing parodies of being a nurse, adding a comedic edge to working in healthcare.
  2. @loewhaley – Laura Whaley offers up some corporate vocab with a comedic twist, asking questions about how to “speak corporate.”
  3. @jetbentlee – Jet Bent-Lee and his father, chef Susur Lee, showed Canadians how to cook some gourmet meals this year.
  4. @aliciamccarvell – Always ready to show us how to be candid and love our bodies, Alicia McCarvell’s videos are all about self-love.
  5. @makhnachov – Andrian made Canada his new home early on in 2022, and since then he’s been learning to discover all there is to try in the country.

The biggest TikTok trends

From filters to sounds to trending effects, these were the biggest TikTok trends in 2022.

  1. Horace – The hilarious animated filter, which shows a character dancing along to Drake, was a standout on TikTok in 2022.
  2. “That’s Not My Name” – A trend that shows off users’ various nicknames, soundtracked by The Ting Tings’ “That’s Not My Name.”
  3. “Pizzazz” – This trend follows users as they sing along to “If I’mma be sad I’mma do it with pizzaz,” often with a comedic twist.
  4. Q&A – Answering comments from your video with another stitched video has been a viral craze in Canada this year.
  5. “Love You Still (abcdefu romantic version)” – Heartwarming videos were at the forefront this year, soundtracked to this sweet tune.

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A woman listening to music at a cafe

TikTok Canada’s favourite artists

Artists not only influenced trends on the app this year, but by leaning into their creativity, they truly made waves among their fans and community. These artists garnered the most video views in 2022.

  1. @thatsdax – Independent rapper Dax showed off his own journey, navigating everything from sobriety to comedy.
  2. @tatemcrae – Tate McRae continues to climb in popularity, and she’s still ready to show off her life online.
  3. @jordan.wav – Jordan Wav offers up sweet solo covers and even plays music using a bowl of pasta.
  4. @laurenspencersmith – Canadian star Lauren Spencer-Smith rose to fame this year after dominating “BreakupTok.”
  5. @crashadamsmusic – Crash Adams “proved the world wrong with their bad-singing-turned-mini-concerts across North America,” according to TikTok.
  6. @justinbieber – Justin Bieber gave his fans a personal look at his day-to-day life on TikTok in 2022.
  7. @faouziaofficial – Faouzia shows off her music on TikTok by singing and dancing along to her tracks in captivating videos.
  8. @johnnyorlando – While he’s garnered fame for quite some time now, Johnny Orlando released his debut album all the things that could go wrong in August.
  9. @bbnotiktok – bbno$ really made waves on TikTok this year with catchy singles like “top gun” and “sophisticated.”
  10. @theweeknd – Of course, The Weeknd is always a fan-favourite on Canadian TikTok.

Two women looking at TikTok

Canada’s top hashtags

This year’s popular Canadian hashtags were all about activities and inclusivity.

  1. #BookTok
  2. #SmallBusinessTok
  3. #TransTok
  4. #IndigenousTok
  5. #OutdoorTok

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Delicious food trends

Move over charcuterie, there’s a new delicious board in town. 2022 was all about the rise of the butter board, air fryer salmon, delicious pastas and traditional Indigenous foods.

  1. Butter Boards
  2. Air Fryer Salmon
  3. All Things Pasta
  4. Indigenous Foods
  5. Vegan Cooking

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Popular small businesses

TikTok really prioritized highlighting small businesses on the app this year, so if you’re looking to shop local for the holidays, check out some of these creators.

  1. DSRT CO – These may look like delicious treats, but you definitely won’t want to eat these tasty-looking bars of soap.
  2. Eclair Lips – These hydrating lip balms are “luscious lip balms for lovely humans.”
  3. Rainbow Certified – Looking for some LGBTQ2S+-friendly products? From stickers to shirts to pins, Rainbow Certified has got you covered.
  4. Au Bord Du Vrac – On the hunt for some unique candies? Au Bord Du Vrac has “tous les bonbons exotique!”
  5. Indigenous Box – Indigenous Box will bring some amazing Indigenous-made products right to your doorstep.

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