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10 Celebs Who Have Been Spotted on the Raya Dating App

Dating is hard for all of us, but dating can become an incredibly competitive, and sometimes public, experience to battle — if you’re a celebrity. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and other dating apps have become the gold standard for many people seeking love online, but for celebs, the ability to keep things under wraps is essential if they want to find an intimate partner that will last. And, since Hollywood pretty much gets whatever they want, a solution to their collective love woes was answered with Raya.

What is the Raya dating app?

Raya is a private, elite dating app for celebrities, athletes, socialites and social media personalities who can maintain an impressive Instagram following with a matching sea of “likes.” The exclusive dating app launched in 2015 and totes a members-only policy that requires applicants to wait to be accepted by the app before they can begin matching. Hayley Greenberg, an LA-based social media manager, once told The New York Times, “It’s the Soho House of dating apps.” At the time of its launch, the Raya app cost $7.99 for a monthly subscription — a small price to pay if you’re an A-lister celeb looking for love.

In that same report, The New York Times estimated that roughly eight per cent of applications are accepted, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to confirm. The Raya app promises privacy and will not allow users to screenshot conversations, but that hasn’t stopped some celebs and their dates from speaking out about their experience using the dating platform. Some of the more notable Hollywood stars spotted on the app include Chelsea Handler, Channing Tatum and Olivia Rodrigo. Below are 10 more celebs who have openly shared their experiences (or have been spotted) using Raya.

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