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Beige Flags: Are These Dating App Warning Signs Worse Than Red Flags?

A woman on a date looking bored

At this point, we’re all familiar with dating app red flags – or warning signs in dating that may indicate unhealthy or manipulative behaviour – but now, it looks like “beige flags” are taking over.

With such a constantly evolving dating landscape, it’s only natural that terms and warning signs shift over time. While red flags have been at the forefront for quite some time now, it looks like a new form of warning sign is on the horizon. Enter: the beige flag.

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Australian relationship coach and matchmaker Louanne Ward tells The Daily Mail that people should be on the lookout for beige flags, which indicate a boring personality trait.

“If you’re beige you’ve been labelled unexciting, boring, generic and uninspiring, which in effect is a red flag for modern daters,” Ward explains.

“Beige flags are signs on dating app profiles that the person behind the profile is probably f**king boring,” TikTok user Caitlin MacPhail says more bluntly, according to Vice. When she took to dating apps, MacPhail found fewer red flags, and mostly just came across people that were, well, bland (hence the colour beige). Beige flags aren’t necessarily about being boring, but about appearing boring – especially online.

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What are some beige flags?

Where common red flags in dating include things like avoiding labels or lovebombing, beige flags can be people pleasing, playing it safe or a lack of communication skills – all of which can make it difficult to form a strong connection with someone.

“Examples of being a ‘beige flag’ include obsessing over pineapple on pizza (because you think it makes you edgy), references to mainstream opinions where you sit on the fence, playing it safe by people pleasing and basically having no interesting personality traits (according to others),” Ward continues.

These beige flags can make you feel unoriginal, and ultimately give your date the infamous “ick.” But beige flags can be more complicated than that, as MacPhail coins the concept of “hot girl beige.”


“’Hot girl beige’ has really resonated with the community, which is people (not just women) using ‘being hot’ as their personality and not really offering any information about what they are actually like, because they don’t need to,” she reveals. “They’ll get matches regardless.”

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How do you make sure you don’t have beige flags?

Ultimately, avoiding beige flags is a matter of embracing who you are and learning to connect with other people. If you can get to know someone in unique ways and accurately portray who you are on your dating profile, it will make you feel like a more interesting match to potential significant others.

“Embrace your personality. If you try to play it safe, people will be unsure about how original and fun you will be in real life,” Ward instructs. “At the end of the day, everyone wants to find an interesting partner.”

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