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The Best Dating Apps for When Tinder Isn’t Working Out

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When the old reliable dating apps we’ve come to love (and sometimes loathe!) are no longer doing it for us, we must seek new resources. Whether you’re bored of swiping over the same profiles or have grown tired of dodging failed dates and ex-partners, looking for love on other platforms is always an option, thanks to the massive boom in the dating app industry. As video content rises and those seeking love demand more from the experience, unique and trend-setting dating sites and apps have come to the rescue with better solutions for all. 

So, if dating apps like Tinder has you down and out, pull that chin up and consider looking for love in these new and exciting places. We’ve rounded up some of the best dating apps in Canada.

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A biracial couples sits together on a couch while sharing a snack.

The League

Some in the media have dubbed The League dating app elitist, which could either draw you in or push you away entirely.

Its website promotes the idea that if you’ve been told your standards are too high, then you might as well keep them that way — and search within their community of like-minded dating hopefuls who place career and education at the highest point of their must-have list.

Some of The League’s key features include live video dating parties, 10-second profile videos, and an authenticated community using LinkedIn and other social networks.

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If you’re looking for a simplified version of making digital connections, the Banter dating app could be the one for you. While it functions similarly to most platforms, Banter suggests it’s the app made for everyone, including those who seek friendship and conversation.

The app is free to use but offers a subscription fee for those who want to expand their search. A key highlight is your ability to access profiles you mistakenly swiped left (or right) on.


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Facebook Dating

For those who prefer to keep their community all in one palace, there’s always Facebook Dating to consider. Users can access the dating platform directly through the Facebook app, which promises to keep your dating profile and conversations private from your regular connections. The app helps connect you with potential matches by sharing profiles from groups you follow and events you plan to attend.

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An old fave that always stays in style is Bumble. You know the drill — women make the first move to, as the app states, “challenge outdated heterosexual norms.”

Bumble operates like most dating apps, providing a mix of video and photo profile options and the traditional swipe left or right approach to hopeful connections. The app has expanded its offering to provide Bumble Biz for career networking and Bumble BFF for those searching for friendship only.

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Another tried-and-try classic is Hinge. Promoted everywhere as “the dating app that’s designed to be deleted,” Hinge features a Nobel-Prize-winning algorithm that promises dates so good — you won’t have to keep the app.

Another point of difference is Hinge Labs, which the app claims is comprised of researchers, behavioural analysts and matchmakers who study dating and compatibility to improve the relationship-seeking experience.

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Be Naughty

Be Naughty is a niche dating option geared towards those who appreciate the hookup vibes that apps such as Tinder provide. Casual daters and those looking for less-than-serious encounters might find the cut-to-the-chase approach a better fit for them with the Be Naughty dating app.

Most reviews state you have to dodge some bots, both other than that, its basic operating system creates a seamless experience when you know exactly what you want.

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Badoo does things a little bit differently than its competitors. It allows users to download the app or search for love using the desktop version. In terms of its features, Badoo provides two ways to meet people. Try the Encounters section to see profile matches, or select the People Nearby section to see a grid view of daters who are in your area and match your profile.

While this app is more prevalent in Europe, there are still plenty of US and Canadian daters on the platform.

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Another elite dating app currently on the market is Raya, a private platform built mainly for celebrities, athletes, socialites and social media personalities.

Raya’s downside is its members-only method that requires applicants to wait to be accepted by the app before they can begin matching. The approval process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, which means you could be waiting for love longer than you’d like.

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If you’re looking for an old classic, Zoosk has you covered! Most reviews will claim that Zoosk is one of the better options in Canada, which might be true since it promotes bold claims of being the market leader in dating apps. Its no-fuss approach allows love connections to blossom with personalized data and insights, behavioural matching and a premium subscription that lets users go deeper.

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One of the newer dating apps on the block is Snack, which caters more specifically to the Gen Z crowd with a strict age policy that cuts off at 35 years old. The main draw of Snack is the video-first approach, where users can share short videos to help secure a worthy match, and they can also share TikTok videos with the Snack app to increase their chances of finding love online.

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