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Women on Dating Apps are Looking for Feminists: Study

Man and woman under umbrella together holding coffee cups

It’s 2022, so it’s no surprise that more and more women are on the hunt for a partner who believes in gender equality. But, as it turns out, the number of women who want a partner who identifies as a feminist might be higher than you’d expect, according to new research from OkCupid. The dating platform discovered that there’s been an increase of 600 per cent in women’s profiles stating “looking for a feminist” or “feminists only.”

They also found there was a 5 per cent increase in women responding “no” when asked if they would date someone who is not a feminist when looking for a match.

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Women care about the gender wage gap

It turns out, financial equality — which is one of the socio-political pillars of feminism — falls under that umbrella as an important factor for women, as only 10 per cent of women on OkCupid say that money matters to them when it comes to a partner. (Financial independence for the win!) This could be because women are still fighting to close the gender wage gap, with 84 per cent of female daters stating more should be done to make changes.

While closing the gap is important to women, ultimately they value their independence. OkCupid found that 65 per cent of women would rather have freedom instead of more money, which further proves that women looking for love are taking control of what they want.

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If you’re a single woman in search of a partner who supports equity, know that other women are right there with you. No settling for people who play into harmful stigmas that act as roadblocks in the fight for better treatment.

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