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5 Things to Never Post on LinkedIn in 2022

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Anyone who is an avid user of LinkedIn in 2022 knows that people love to write and share lengthy LinkedIn posts. However, considering it’s a site for people looking to network and level up in their careers, it’s important to keep in mind that there are some things you should never share on the platform knowing that your colleagues — and the public — can see what you’re writing.

If you want to you stay professional so you can use your LinkedIn to grow (rather than stunt) your career, there are some key LinkedIn mistakes to avoid. Here are five things you should never post on LinkedIn in 2022.

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Don’t post that anyone can manifest a dream job

This might seem harmless, but lots of people are busy hustling trying to find work, and reading a post on LinkedIn that explains all they have to do is manifest their way to a job might strike a nerve. People might be in debt from their education or they might be underpaid at their current job, and whatever the situation may be, chances are they don’t want to hear how sheer will would be enough to get them out of their current predicaments. Always consider your audience and be strategic before you publish that post.

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Don’t share anything too personal

While you might think it’s nice to share baby photos, family updates, etc., LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram. Stick to making posts that are relevant to your career and not your personal life. Posting a photo of your night out having drinks might seem harmless, but it’s better to be safe and not share that with your network.

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Don’t post anything negative about a former employer

This should be obvious, but it’s never a good idea to drag your old workplace on a public website. Not only does it look highly unprofessional, but this could hinder future employers from wanting to hire you knowing that you’d be willing to put an employer on blast. Even if your old boss was a nightmare, your former coworker was a snake or you had a hard time setting boundaries with your coworkers, avoid airing that dirty laundry for the world to see.

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Don’t post anything fake

We’ve all read the corny LinkedIn posts about what people say about their kids. Please don’t be one of those annoying people that puts outlandish claims out there that no one wants to read.

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Don’t post about glorifying the hustle

So many posts on LinkedIn are about working hard and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. In reality, everyone has different circumstances that have influenced their career paths, from their gender or sexuality, to their race or their class or their health. Avoid posting things that glamourize the burnout caused by hustle culture.

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