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Dating Apps May Help With the Love Thing After All, Survey Finds

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While it may feel as though digital dating is doing nothing for your love life, it turns out that dating apps may not be all bad, after all. This is according to a recent study from the University of Geneva in Switzerland. 

The results are based on a 2018 Swiss survey, and reveal that “app-formed couples” (couples who met on dating apps) have stronger intent to live together than their non-digital counterparts. Adding to this, the survey showed that women who found their partner through a dating app have stronger desires and intentions to have children, than women who found their partner offline.

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While concerns about the quality of relationships that develop through dating apps persist, partners who couple after meeting online express the same level of relationship satisfaction as other partners who met elsewhere. The last added insight surfacing from the study shows that dating apps actually allow for a wider pool on which to draw, expanding both the educational and geographic range of potential mates.

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