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This is ‘Hardballing’ — the Newest Gen Z Dating Trend

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If you’re single, keeping up with the latest dating trends and terms can be as daunting as actually finding that unicorn individual worthy of your time. 

From breadcrumbing, zombie-ing, and more, in comes the latest: hardballing. As the name suggests, hardballing isn’t about taking it easy on your prospective partner (or them on you, as it turns out). 

It’s a hard-hitting ball of truth flung your way, whether or not you’re ready to receive it. It can be frank, hurtful and it can lead to early breakups. 

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But while it may seem cruel, hardballing can come with some good too, and spare you and everyone else involved a lot of wasted time. That’s because the notion centres on being very clear and upfront from the get-go about what you’re looking for in a relationship (and sometimes even how soon). That said, it can be as much about wanting a commitment as being open that you’re not seeking anything beyond a physical fling. 

Not a match? Next! 

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So, how do you balance being frank without scaring off a potentially good thing? After all, sometimes relationships take time to build and evolve, and what we think we want and what we actually want can be a mystery even to ourselves, only to surface when we find ourselves at that crossroad where the two intersect. 

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This too can be a part of the conversation, so long as you’re honest and willing to accept that terms of uncertainty may not work for the other person. 

After all, the clarity bluntness can bring sure beats playing games, and other toxic dating habits. 


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