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The 20 Richest Gen Z Celeb Women in 2022 — Ranked by Net Worth

Building an empire can take on many shapes and forms, and for Gen Z, making an impressive net worth at a young age is often a calculated endeavour. It’s no secret that today’s generation places a higher value on meaningful projects and work that produces positive social impact. Of course, there’s also the luck of being a celebrity, which can often grow bank accounts. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 20 of the richest Gen Z celeb women in 2022, based on their estimated net worth. So while you can expect to see popular stars from hit shows like Euphoria and Stranger Things making the cut, you’ll also see pop stars counting their bills with an extra sprinkle of YouTubers and other popular creators. 

Ready to feel green with envy? Let’s see which Gen Z women are making the most according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Note: all figures are estimated and in USD.

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