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Kylie Jenner Has the Most Fake Followers on Instagram, Study Reveals

Kylie Jenner
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We all know that Kylie Jenner is good at keeping a secret, from her hidden pregnancy to her mysteriously inflated lips and impossibly curvy proportions. According to a recent analysis from Fasthosts, she also has one more “secret” that she may not want you to know about.

The UK-based internet services company did an analysis of celebrity and influencer Instagram profiles, coming up with 25 accounts that had the highest percentage of fake followers. Of those accounts, Jenner’s topped the list with fake followers making up 40 per cent of her following. Jenner, who’s the fifth most-followed account on Instagram, has a whopping 248 million followers on the platform. If we do the math, that means around 99 million of those are fake. Yikes.

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Digging into the numbers

You may be wondering why someone so famous would need fake followers. Now we don’t know how those fake followers got there, but for Kylie, the bigger her following, the fatter her bank account. The makeup mogul reportedly charges upwards of $986,000 USD for a single IG post, which is reason enough to keep this hush hush.

Fasthosts had to do some serious digging to figure this out. They used data from HypeAuditor, an analytics platform that tracked Instagram followers, engagement rate percentage and the percentage of suspicious accounts. To verify their numbers, they manually went through each influencer account on HypeAuditor to source their data.

Other celebs who are fibbing their following

According to Fasthosts, these celebrities round out the top 10 with the highest percentage of fake followers on Instagram:

  • Kendall Jenner with 37 per cent fake followers
  • Blake Lively with 37 per cent fake followers
  • Justin Bieber with 37 per cent fake followers
  • Rihanna with 36 per cent fake followers
  • Zayn Malik with 35 per cent fake followers
  • Kim Kardashian with 34 per cent fake followers
  • Lebron James with 34 per cent fake followers
  • Kourtney Kardashian with 34 per cent fake followers
  • Bad Bunny with 33 per cent fake followers

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