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August 2021 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career

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Read on for your August 2021 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your love life, social life and career this month from Astrology Detective.

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Aries #HotAndCold

Emotions are tense during the first half of the month. You are in the mood for passion and adventure, while the busybodies surrounding you cluck-cluck in disapproval. Try to keep your friendship group and your dating life separate; there is no need to announce to the world every new person you meet. If you are in a relationship, there could be clashes with your mate over how you spend your money. Luckily, by the end of the month a productive spirit returns, and your hard work at the office could bring major financial benefits.

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Taurus #LoveWillSetYouFree

Between overly-demanding, perfectionist colleagues at the workplace and argumentative, easily enraged family members or roommates at home, you may feel extremely trapped during the first half of August, leading to issues with anxiety and nervousness. Luckily, by month’s end a new, more passionate energy takes shape. If you shift your thoughts to romance on the 18th, anything is possible. A myriad of invigorating, magnetic suitors will be yours for the asking, and you could meet someone out of the blue on the 20th and 22nd — two of the best date nights of the year. If you are in a relationship, carve out some time to reignite the flames by adding some spontaneity into your love life.

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Gemini #MixedSignals

Your communications with the outside will bring anything but the hoped-for responses. Although you are revved up to look for a job or promote yourself, reaching out now will only get you ghosted. A lot of the world is in holiday mode, and just aren’t interested in business; wait until September before sharing news about new initiatives. Things aren’t any better with your social group, who may flip out over any little comment; don’t expect your edgy sense of humour to go down well at this time. You may want to unplug from all the madness and enjoy a staycation at home during the last ten days of the month, in order to refresh and rejuvenate.


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Cancer #LooseMonetaryPolicy

Your concept of what is available in your wallet is at odds at what is actually in your bank account. The lure of easy money through credit cards, layaway plans and loans may be too tempting to resist, especially as you are in a big-spending mood. Your red-hot social life is not helping things, as members of your friendship circle may insist on choosing extremely luxurious locales for hanging out, putting additional strain on your savings. You may want to dive headfirst into the glamour and excitement of the social swirl, but you may be left with nothing to show for it but a pile of bills. By the end of the month, you will realize that nothing is more enjoyable than spending time with friends talking and laughing no matter where you are; their company is worth loads more than the location.

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Leo #HoldingPattern

You are ready to move onto new vistas in terms of love and work, but unfortunately, a lot of the world has gone on vacation during the first half of the month, placing your plans on hold. This could leave you feeling frustrated and chomping at the bit, but try to relax and get yourself organized for the wonderful energies showering down upon your career sector at the end of the month. From the 18th, you will be able to turn your mind to professional success and even see fast tangible results in terms of an income boost. The 23rd is an excellent day to make a romantic commitment or seek out a suitor who will be responsible and reliable.

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Virgo #LayLowFlyHigh

You will feel worn out and exhausted from the tremendous overload of duties and tasks that have been overwhelming you recently. Try to maintain a healthy diet, as you may have a tendency to swing between the extremes of indulging in improper food — either as a coping mechanism or because you do not have time to cook — and drastically cutting calories in response. This will only serve to drain your energy reserves even further. Try to have some easy-to-make or ready-made dishes on hand, and make you sure you get enough rest. Luckily, by the end of the month you will be in top form. It would be best to put off vacation plans until after the 18th, when you will be filled with energy and inspiration. If you are a student going back to school, it will be a magical time of new, exciting, world-expanding experiences.

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Libra #ClownWorld

You may be feeling drained by the high volume of conflicting energies in the world around you. The unpredictable nature of friends and lovers could see you holding back from getting too involved in all their drama. This is especially true if you are spending too much time interacting with people online; it may feel as if anything you say or post elicits a judgmental or over-reactive response. If you make an active effort to drastically limit your time on social media and concentrate on sharing experiences in real life, you could create a void that gets filled with soul-nourishing love and bonding by the end of the month.

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Scorpio #OverdueEruption

Much like the devastating Vesuvius, you have been long overdue for a massive eruption. Godspeed to all the surrounding inhabitants who get caught in your outpouring of red-hot, emotional lava. The first half of the month will see you lashing out at lovers, colleagues and family members, leading to extreme volatility on all fronts. You may want to take a deep breath and go on time-out before unleashing your rage, or you may cause irreparable damage. Luckily, a little venting will do a whole lot of good, as calm, productive communications return in the latter half of the month, and you may even find a new romantic partner while out socializing with a friendship group.

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Sagittarius #GoNoContact

Sometimes when you are dealing with people who are so demanding and volatile that it borders on emotional abuse, all you can do is stop fuelling the beast. You are a good-hearted, extroverted sign, but if certain people in your daily life — perhaps a colleague, caregiver or volunteer cohort — are acting in an explosive, unpredictable manner, you are best protecting yourself first, before helping them sort their lives out. Nothing you do or say will ever be enough, and the hoops you have to jump through are endless. If you stop pouring your energy into white-knighting for unhinged people, you will be able to focus on yourself and your career, with tangible results by the end of the month.


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Capricorn #HyperInflation

You may have gotten extremely comfortable relying on credit cards, pandemic relief funds, loans or “buy now, pay later” initiatives. So much so, you are living as if we are already in a world of Universal Basic Income. The illusion of free money may be pushing you to live above your means, but all you are really doing is delaying the inevitable day of economic reckoning. August may be a good time to hit the pause button, pay down debts and get yourself back on an even spending keel. If you must spend money, it is best to take a weekend getaway after the 18th with your sweetie to renew the excitement.

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Aquarius #StandOffAtTheNotOKCorral

The outlaw forces represented by your romantic partner and extended family will be stoking the fires of a long-simmering feud in direct conflict with your current need for order and control. The final showdown will come in the first weeks of August, when everyone is ready to come out shooting with guns a-blazing. Luckily, a truce that is fair to all sides can be reached on the 18th — an excellent day for working out issues and finding common ground. You and your kinfolk will be able to pick up the pieces and put the homestead back together during the last 10 days of the month, which is also an opportune period to look for a new home, take out a mortgage, do renovations or even hold a family reunion.

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Pisces #MaximumOverdrive

You’ll be running on all cylinders again this month. You are ready to chat up a storm, making it a positive period for personal PR, getting in touch with long-lost friends and relatives, or networking on social media. You will also be feeling highly impatient, which could come off as pushy at work, so you may want to tone things down a bit, especially if you are pitching ideas to a new client. You need to carve out plenty of time for rest, exercise and healthy eating to avoid burnout. During the last half of the month, thoughts turn to romance and love. It is an excellent time to make plans for the future if you are in a committed relationship; you may even decide to talk about marriage or moving into together. If you are single, this is an auspicious time to seek out a soul mate, with the 18th, 20th and 22nd being some of the best date nights of the year.

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