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Fashion Fails: The Worst Celebrity Looks of April 2022

Rachel McAdams wearing a retro-style dress. The short sleeve top is an orange and red checker print. The floor-length skirt is red at the top and blends into a multi-coloured checker print.
Getty Images

They say April showers bring May flowers, and it would appear a storm was already brewing in the land of celebrity fashion flounders. The end of March 2022 will go down in history for the shocking Oscar awards ceremony, which allowed us to jump-start this month with a slew of outfits best suited for backstage.

It’s not all glitz and glam for the stars, and sometimes they toss on outfits that stand out in all the wrong ways. We’ll always take the seriousness of fashion with a grain of saltiness while protecting the pride of celebrities who never intended to commit a style crime. 

As the weeks move along during April, we can’t wait to see which celebrities will shock us with talk-worthy wardrobes and accessories that do so much more than create a stir.

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Rachel McAdams wearing a retro-style dress. The short sleeve top is an orange and red checker print. The floor-length skirt is red at the top and blends into a multi-coloured checker print.
Getty Images

Rachel McAdams, April 28, 2022 

Rachel McAdams wasn’t trying to make fetch happen when she attended CinemaCon in what looks like a throwback to the Mad Men era. Her retro-inspired shirt and skirt combo are elegant, but the pattern-on-pattern plus colour-blocking combination is hard on the eyes. 

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Kate Micucci wearing a full sleeve, floor length dress with multiple colour blocks in shades of blue, yellow, red, green and black.
Getty Images

Kate Micucci, April 27, 2022

Another multi-coloured full-length dress has made its way to the list. This time, we see actress, comedian and musician Kate Micucci bringing literal blocks of overpowering colour to the spotlight while attending the I Love That For You premiere.

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Lindsey Kraft wearing a full sleeve, floor length with multiple floral prints
Getty Images

Lindsey Kraft, April 23, 2022

It’s sad to see the popular Netflix series Grace And Frankie come to an end, and what’s more upsetting is the Little House on the Prairie dress that actress and recurring star Lindsey Kraft wore to the final premiere of the show. 

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Jenny Slate wearing a loose knee length dress that has a horse on it witha. tye dye sweater over her shoulders
Getty Images

Jenny Slate, April 22, 2022

Some film festivals are more casual than others when it comes to style, as seen in Jenny Slate’s choice of fashion when she attended the San Francisco International Film Festival this month. The actress, writer and comedian was horsing around with her wardrobe and somehow landed on an outfit fit for her former teenage self. 

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Alexa Demie wearing a full piece sheer black dress.
Getty Images

Alexa Demie, April 20, 2022 

Actress Alexa Demie attended a Euphoria event in a long black dress that felt reminiscent of Cabaret — but didn’t hit the high note. As much as we love her nod to Liza Minnelli, we long for a Maddy-inspired ensemble to get us through until we can binge-watch another season of chaos. 

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Heidi Klum wearing a Rams jersey fashioned as a dress with knee high black heel boots and mirror sunglasses.
Getty Images

Heidi Klum, April 20, 2022

Rams fans, please don’t come for us — but what the heck is going on here? Model, actress and television host Heidi Klum knows fashion better than most, but no one is yelling “touchdown” for this football-inspired ensemble. 

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Rebecca Wisocky wearing a multiple coloured dress with various sized stripes.
Getty Images

Rebecca Wisocky, April 20, 2022

Actress Rebecca Wisocky might not be as well known as most of the other celebs on our list, but how could we resist adding this look to a series of fashion fails? The dress she wore to the premiere of The Offer reminds us of a kaleidoscope design and it doesn’t belong on such a stunning garment.

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Tracee Ellis Ross wearing a longe sleeved, medium length blue sequin dress with a blue and yellow feathered boa attached to the front.
Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross, April 19, 2022

Tracee Ellis Ross joins celebrity fashion fails once again. This time around, we caught her on the way to film an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! looking like a disco duck in a full sequin dress with a boa uniquely attached to the front of her outfit. 

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Nicole Kidman wearing a long light yellow dress with beaded detail at the bottom, a black collar, and peach feathers popping off of each shoulder.
Getty Images

Nicole Kidman, April 18, 2022

It looks like Nicole Kidman finally got her wings. The adored actress graced the premiere of The Northman in an old-timey dress with some added flare. We want to give this angel her credit, but the wings gave her a crash landing here.

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Garcelle Beauvais wearing a pink and white long patterned dress with a button up collar.
Getty Images

Garcelle Beauvais, April 14, 2022

We love welcoming reality stars to the front of the fashion fails stage! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais has made her debut wearing what can only be described as an animal-meets-plant print pyjama suit as she casually walked out of the NBC building in New York City.

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Camila Cabello is wearing a top to bottom blue denim outfit, including top, pant, long jacket, shoes and gloves.
Getty Images

Camila Cabello, April 12, 2022

Who has allowed this all-denim trend to continue down its chaotic path? Julia Fox? The Kardashians? Or are we still blaming Britney and Justin for being the ill-fated denim duo? In any case, Camila Cabello has now joined the ranks, and it has us feeling blue.

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Priscilla Block is wearing a lime green sequin pant suit with a neon green tank top and matching scrunchie.
Getty Images

Priscilla Block, April 11, 2022

Moving on to a different shade of the rainbow, we see country music singer-songwriter Priscilla Block dressed in an all-green ensemble as she attends the 2022 CMT Music Awards. The neon tank and matching scrunchie offer a nice balance against the sequined blazer and pants, but we’re still wondering — what happened to her feet?


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Emma Corrin is wearing a long fitted dress with a beige and cream-coloured balloon print, including a beige ballon-bra overtop.
Getty Images

Emma Corrin, April 10, 2022

We’re pleased to welcome Emma Corrin back to the fashion fails list, who was last seen here in September 2021. The English actress who played Diana, Princess of Wales, in the fourth season of The Crown attended The Olivier Awards in a peculiar outfit. Her creativity continues to astound, but these deflated balloons might not be popping the way she’d hoped.

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Isla Fisher wearing a cartoon print dress with feather details on the top and bottom, including a stuffed horse sitting on one of her shoulders.
Getty Images

Isla Fisher, April 9, 2022 

Isla Fisher might have selected the perfect outfit to attend the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, but you shouldn’t be surprised we’ve added her to the mix. Fisher isn’t the first to wear this cartoon dress either! It debuted as a part of the Moschino spring/summer 2022 collection earlier this year.

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Natasha Lyonne wearing a strapless red leather dress with two gold door knockers on her chest.
Getty Images

Natasha Lyonne, April 8, 2022 

Excitement is building as Russian Doll unveils its highly anticipated second season. Co-creator and lead actress Natasha Lyonne attended the Russian Doll LA Tastemaker Event dressed as a red door with a set of knockers? We’re both confused and delighted by this Moschino creation.

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Vera Wang wearing a shimmery bra and underwear set over top black nylons and a mesh top.
Getty Images

Vera Wang, April 6, 2022

It’s always risky to add a fashion designer like Vera Wang to the list — but c’mon! It’s a look that can’t be dismissed. While attending music industry legend Clive Davis’s 90th birthday party, the famous designer arrived ready to dance the night away in sparkly undergarments.

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Jamie Chung wearing an oversized plaid dress suit with a rectangular cut out at the top of one pant leg.
Getty Images

Jamie Chung, April 4, 2022 

Are you surprised to see actress Jamie Chung on the list? Us, too! Before the fashion fans come for us — we know oversized pantsuits are still having their moment — but we can’t help but notice that an essential part of Chung’s trousers is missing.

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Michelle Zauner wearing a yellow mini skirt dress made entirely of ruffles.
Getty Images

Michelle Zauner, April 3, 2022 

The colour yellow might be synonymous with Japanese Breakfast’s recent album Jubilee, but it felt too bright on the Grammys red carpet. Leader of the band, Michelle Zauner’s ray of sunshine and ruffles is was made her hit the high note on fashion fails.

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Tayla Parx wearing a green dinosaur-inspired outfit.
Getty Images

Tayla Parx, April 3, 2022 

Tayla Parx has co-written hits for artists like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Khalid, and Panic! at the Disco, but the outfit she wore to the 64th Annual Grammy Awards isn’t making its way up the charts. We love a fun costume, but this particular look belongs in the dinosaur age.

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H.E.R. wearing a bright yellow silk jumpsuit with gold sparkle detail. She has a darker yellow silk cap to match.
Getty Images


H.E.R., April 3, 2022 

There was no shortage of glitz, colour and sparkle at this year’s Grammy Awards, but some folks need to be held accountable for their style choices. It seems like H.E.R. got her Grammy invitation confused with her request to host a roller rink birthday bash.

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Sarah Jessica Parker wearing an oversized long pink sparkly gown that hides her arms entirely.
Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker, March 28, 2022

Living up to fashion legend Carrie Bradshaw must add an extra layer of pressure to Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfit selections for events. Still, even Carrie made some questionable fashion choices. We think she’d respect us for calling out SJP’s blanket ensemble during the opening night of the Broadway revival of Plaza Suite.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing a long black dress with a large rectangle shoulder detail and oversized gold clusters fasten down the middle and top.
Getty Images

Maggie Gyllenhaal, March 27, 2022

She’s been here before, and we can’t say we’re sorry to see her land here again. Actress and filmmaker Maggie Gyllenhaal walked the Oscars red carpet in what can only be described as a coat hanger posing as a dress. But we’re willing to give her the award for the most creative outfit of the night.

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Amy Schumer wearing a navy blue dress with a bow created with sequins that sits under her chest.
Getty Images

Amy Schumer, March 27, 2022

Amy Schumer battled an incredibly awkward and challenging night of hosting the Oscars alongside Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall. But despite the chaos that ensued, we weren’t distracted long enough to notice how dull her choice of dress was — regardless of her wrapping it up with a bow. 

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Kourtney Kardashian standing next to Travis Scott while wearing a cream dress with a metallic silver bra top with rose detail and black lace overlays.
Getty Images


Kourtney Kardashian, March 27, 2022

We’ve found great joy witnessing Kourtney Kardashian finally find the love she deserves after meeting Travis Barker. Her rock star aesthetic has slowly been shaping up since the two began dating in 2021, but we have to draw the line at the DIY-inspired dress she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party.

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Billie Eilish attends the Academy Awards wearing a ruffled, oversized black dress.
Getty Images

Billie Eilish, March 27, 2022

In other unpopular opinions, Billie Eilish makes her unfortunate introduction to our celebrity fashion fails after unveiling what we can only assume is her bedspread during her red carpet arrival at this year’s Academy Awards. Hopefully, her win for best original song cushions the blow.

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