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Emma Corrin Opens Up About Chest Binding and Pronouns

Emma Corrin smiles for the camera at a red carpet event
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In a world where celebs have the tendency to filter and fudge their social media posts for maximum likes, Emma Corrin carries on to the beat of their own drum. From coming out as queer earlier this year to posting photos showing off plenty of armpit hair, the 25-year-old (who uses she/they pronouns) doesn’t hold back. And we love them for it.

Earlier this week, The Crown star shared intimate photos on Instagram of themselves wearing a binder. The snaps, taken by photographer David-Simon Dayan, features Corrin wearing a homemade compression garment often worn by trans and non-binary people who have feelings of body dysmorphia. Although they didn’t further elaborate on the binder or their identity, Corrin captioned the photos with: “It’s all a journey right. Lots of twists and turns and change and that’s OK! Embrace it.”

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Although Corrin’s DIY binder was created using boxing wrap, the star touted her favourite brand, the trans-owned gc2b. Some fans, who appreciated the post, were still quick to point that homemade binders could pose safety risks. There are a plethora of online resources for those looking to learn how to bind safely and comfortably.

Corrin is no stranger to online revelations. In April, they came out as queer in an Instagram post with photos of themselves in a wedding gown. It was captioned, “Your favourite queer bride.”

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The actor will next appear in My Policeman, a queer period drama co-starring Harry Styles as a bisexual cop who’s married to Corrin’s character but secretly pines for a former boyfriend.

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