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Where is Chad Rogers from ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Now?

Chad Rogers wearing a suit at an event in 2009.
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The hair. The baby-faced charm. The late-aughts real estate drama. If you’re a fan of the early seasons of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, then one name likely comes to mind when you read those words: Chad Rogers. 

With his signature shaggy emo haircut and his confident (sometimes verging on cutthroat) selling style, Chad Rogers burst onto our screens on season two and three of what we now know as Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. However, Chad’s time on MDLLA was impactful but brief, as he left the show in 2009 (current cast member Josh Altman took over Chad’s spot in season four). 

Now that season 14 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is underway, we can’t help but wonder: where is Chad Rogers now?

While a scroll through Chad’s Instagram (@chadrogerstv) offers immediate visual insight into the realtor’s current interests (hint: high-end real estate, his sweet mini Aussiedoddle pup, Cali, and living that fit life), we want more. Read on for all the updates we could find on MDLLA alum Chad Rogers.

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Is Chad Rogers still a realtor?

Yes, Chad Rogers is still a realtor — and he’s thriving. While he may have left the show in 2009, Chad has continued to grow his career as a successful realtor in Southern California.

According to his professional website, the Malibu native has “broken numerous real estate records having sold over $700 million dollars in real estate” – including a $25.395 million sale in 2018, which is the highest priced property sold in his career so far. 

In addition to his work as a realtor, Chad also keeps his public speaking skills sharp, as he “shares his vast industry knowledge at speaking engagements all over the country.” His reputation as a top realtor also garners media attention: earlier this year, for example, Rogers was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter as an expert in a piece on celebrity real estate in Los Angeles.

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Chad Rogers, Kathy Hilton and Richard Hilton attend Chad Roger's "Million Dollar Listing" Season Premiere Party at The Whiskey Blue at the W Hotel on October 12, 2009
Getty Images

Chad Rogers has a connection to Kathy Hilton

If it feels like all LA real estate-slash-TV stars have connections to The Real Housewives (think: other former MDLLA stars David Parnes and James Harris work at Kyle Richards’ husband Maurico Umansky’s real estate brokerage, The Agency), then this may not surprise you: Chad has been an agent at Hilton & Hyland, the prestigious real estate brokerage owned by Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland, for more than 22 years. Rick Hilton is married to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton.

In a recent interview with Heavy, Chad shared his appreciation for the company — “Working for Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland at Hilton & Hyland has been the best decision of my career,” he said. 

While Chad told the outlet that he hasn’t had a chance to catch Kathy’s appearances on RHOBH (he explained that he doesn’t “have any time these days to watch TV”), he did show his support for her work on the show.

“I love Kathy,” Chad told Heavy. “She loves her family, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and represents the truth to the fullest degree which is why I’m sure she is a fan favorite. Kathy is one of those genuinely caring people that would give the shirt off her back for those in need. She is one of a kind and I’m sure the fans would do anything to see more of her!”

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Why did Chad Rogers leave ‘MDLLA’?

With Chad’s continued success in the real estate world, many fans have wondered about why he left the show so early on — but it seems that the realtor had a very practical reason for his departure that persists to this day: he wanted to focus on developing the business that he showcased while on MDLLA.

“I left the show in 2009 because I was at a point in life when my business was starting to grow tremendously due to being on TV for [three-plus] years, and I also needed to take a step back in order to reflect on what was and wasn’t working for me. If I didn’t do this, I feel I couldn’t have achieved what I have over the last 12 years post Bravo,” he told Heavy.


Still, it appears that Chad doesn’t harbour hard feelings towards the show or his time in the reality TV spotlight.

“I don’t regret anything that I’ve done in my life,” Chad told Digital Journal in a 2021 interview. “It was a great opportunity for me to create a name/brand on the world stage. It also enabled me to have fun with branding myself as an authoritative voice in my industry. Even though there was drama on the show, I always stayed true to my core values by remaining professional and not compromising my integrity, ethics or reputation.” 

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Chad Rogers is still an animal advocate and dog dad

One of the most endearing and relatable things about Chad during his time on MDLLA was how much he loved animals — especially his adorable chihuahua, Starla

While Starla sadly passed away in 2020 at the age of 13-and-a-half, Chad’s deep bond with her — and her impact on his life — endures. 

“I made a promise after Starla’s death that I would continue to honor her by not ever falling behind on the legacy which we created together,” Chad told Heavy. “This pact with myself fueled me to take my business, physical health/well-being and personal growth to the next level… Starla was there with me through so much of my journey, she was like my child, and I’m determined to keep living my very best life.”

For an animal lover like Chad, part of living his best life is supporting animal organizations (according to his website, Chad “has dedicated his time to various charitable organizations such as PETA, ASPCA, the Humane Society and the National Animal Rescue”) and providing a home to another pup: his mini Aussiedoodle, Cali, who he brought home in May of 2021.


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Chad Rogers is a fitness buff

As he proclaims in his Instagram bio, Chad is a “Fitness fanatic” — and the realtor has spoken about the importance of fitness for his overall well-being. “I started my fitness journey in 2012 and it was right after a relationship ended,” he told Heavy. “I felt it was time to do something that would lift my confidence. Soon after my physical transformation began, I noticed a shift in my physical well-being, and I was more at peace and happy. Once I saw this change, I knew that I would stick with the health and fitness lifestyle forever.”

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He still has iconic hair

During his time on the show, Chad’s hair — a very late-2000s shaggy cut with long wispy bangs (think: Justin Bieber on the cover of My World 2.0) — became an instantly recognizable signature. However, nothing lasts forever, and Chad has since updated his ‘do.

These days, as TMZ showcases, Chad still keeps his locks on the longer side, but it’s now a bit looser, more relaxed and more of the moment.

On the topic of his hair, Chad told Heavy: “I’m glad to say I still have all my hair! The only difference since the MDLLA days is that it’s styled differently. I thought people wouldn’t recognize me anymore after ‘Chad’s hair 2.0’ but they do!”

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Chad is a musician

Over the years, music has been one of Chad’s creative outlets. With his band, Sweet Deception, he released covers of songs like Olivia Newton-John’s “Magic” and Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

And, in 2018, the realtor released a music video for his single, “Maliboo.” As US Weekly reports, Chad hired a Grammy-nominated producer to help with the project.

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Does Chad Rogers stay in touch with the other ‘MDLLA’ realtors?

While much of the fun of MDLLA comes from the banter and drama between the stars, we often wonder how much of a relationship the realtors have outside of the cameras. As Chad told Heavy, it seems that he does not hang out with his old co-stars on the regular:

“I was never personal friends with any realtor that I did the show with, so I wouldn’t say that I keep in touch with any of them,” Chad told the outlet. “I do like David, James, and Josh Altman. Coincidentally I bumped into Altman while walking Cali and we had a nice exchange. Before the pandemic started, Frederik introduced himself to me at the gym. I enjoyed meeting him as I respect his work ethic.”

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Would Chad ever come back to ‘MDLLA’?

If a part of you still holds out hope that Chad Rogers will make a return to the Million Dollar Listing universe, it may be time to let that dream go. In his Heavy interview, Chad explained that – though producers have reached out to him about making a cameo – he doesn’t think that MDLLA would be the right fit for the person that he is today (who he coined “Chad 2.0”).

While he doesn’t count out the possibility of doing reality TV again sometime in the future (we’d watch!), it seems like the stars would have to align with the right opportunity for “Chad 2.0.”


“I never say never, but it would need to be the perfect fit given where I am currently at on my journey,” he told Heavy

What is Chad Rogers’ net worth?

While he may not have been getting any reality TV paycheques recently, it appears that the realtor’s career has continued to flourish and help build his fortune: Celebrity Net Worth estimates Rogers’ net worth at around $10 million USD.

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