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I Took a Hot Girl Walk Every Day for a Work Week — This is What I Learned

Woman lacing up her sneakers

I’ll be the first to admit I am not a fan of exercise that feels like exercise. And by that I mean going to the gym (I don’t know her!) or going for a run. I’m happy to go biking with friends or fooling around on my longboard, but that’s because those activities are fun and don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to move with the sole purpose of getting my heart pumping.

So when TikTok’s “hot girl walk” trend (you can also see our take on the trend below, via’s TikTok) was born as a way to get moving while listening to podcasts or music, I jumped at the chance to test it out. It seemed relatively simple and I already walk a lot, so it seemed like it would fit perfectly into my daily routine.

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What is a hot girl walk?

To do a hot girl walk, all you need to do is grab some headphones, throw on some sneakers and head outside for a walk. TikToker Mia Lind, who created the trend, noted that while on your walk, you should turn your thoughts to these three things:

  • What you’re grateful for
  • How hot you are (which is, of course, related to your mindset — since hotness is a state of mind!)
  • Your goals and how you plan on tackling them

I decided that for my hot girl walk, I didn’t want to do things exactly the same way as Lind. As someone who spends most of the day thinking about things while at work, I wanted to use my hot girl walks as a time to empty my head of all thoughts. I didn’t want my time outside to be used to start brainstorming about goals or practicing gratitude; I could do that when I was inside with my journal at bedtime. I wanted to appreciate my hot girl walk for what it was — a time to be outdoors in nature, listening to some music and taking in some fresh air.

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Woman walking outside

Day one: Coffee and sunshine

I didn’t really know what to expect on my first attempt at a hot girl walk. I decided I’d listen to an album that I could fully empty my head to, so I decided to put on FKJ’s Just Piano while strolling my neighbourhood. I laced up my sneakers and hit the pavement. I’d only made it a few blocks when I felt I should reward myself for leaving my apartment with an iced coffee, so I picked up an iced vanilla cold brew.

The caffeine and the sunshine made me feel recharged. As I walked, I tried to focus on the music and the buildings around me. I was determined to not let thoughts about work or family or friends stress me out, and for a while, they didn’t creep in — until I began to feel sweaty and decided to call it and head home. I’d only walked for about 20 minutes, but I figured a walk is a walk nonetheless.

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Day two: An appreciation for green space

I woke up feeling groggy and was not in the mood to leave my apartment. The weather was hot and humid, which normally I wouldn’t mind at all since I love summer, however, it just added to my sleepiness which made it hard to drag myself outside. Since I’m not really someone who listens to podcasts or audiobooks, I decided another album would be the way to go while I walked. This time, I decided that Arlo ParksCollapsed in Sunbeams would be my soundtrack.

On this hot girl walk, I decided to change up my route and go through one of the parks in my neighbourhood. It had lots of green space and was frequented by dogs, and proved to be the perfect place to hit on my walk. I looped around and down the streets and eventually made it to the park where I stopped to sit and have some water.


I felt more awake than I had earlier in the day and was glad I’d made the trek outside. I headed back home knowing it was a good way to spend my time, and I felt energized seeing all the people and pups who were out and about.

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Woman walking in sneakers

Day three: Pain, pain, pain

On the third day of my hot girl walk experience, I had plans to have dinner with a friend. I decided that my hot girl walk would take shape by me walking to meet her at a restaurant so that way I could save money on the subway fare while also not skipping out on getting some steps in.

As soon as I left my apartment to meet her, I realized I’d made a mistake. I had worn sandals instead of sneakers, and after only about three blocks my feet felt every single step I took as if I was barefoot on the sidewalk.

Hot girl tip: no matter your outfit, don’t do a hot girl walk without your sneakers!

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Day four: An ice cream treat

After my sneakerless hot girl walk the day before, I was really not in the mood to move my sore feet again. I told myself I needed to get up and do it, but I relented that I could instead do a hot girl stroll instead of a walk, and just take myself around the block.

I popped my headphones in to listen to some Kehlani, and ended up walking to get a cold treat. It was a short journey but I was satisfied that I had made it outside, and after about 25 minutes I was headed back home with my salted caramel ice cream in hand. My feet were still throbbing so I felt a bit cranky, and recognized another hot girl tip — don’t head out on your walk when you’re achy and in pain.


Woman on a park bench

Day five: The end of the hot girl walk experience

On the last day of my hot girl walk experience, I was looking forward to not having to force myself to do them anymore. It’s not because I wasn’t enjoying taking the walks and listening to my music, but any time I have to force myself to do something every single day, it feels like it shouldn’t be fun anymore.

I decided to go really slow and let myself wander on this last walk. I popped my headphones in and just let my songs shuffle and decided to walk up to one of the major intersections and then head east to go through my neighbourhood to an area with lots of old brick houses and freshly cut lawns.

I felt calm and relaxed as I wandered, and my mind felt completely stress-free as I took it all in. This felt like how everyone should ideally feel while taking a hot girl walk.

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My final thoughts on hot girl walks

Hot girl walks are truly what you make of them. Whether you’re going on the walk because you want to get some exercise or going to clear your head, no matter the reason, you should allow yourself to enjoy it and embrace what it has to offer.

I didn’t go through some magical life-altering change after partaking in hot girl walks, but I will say they made me appreciate having less screen time. Getting to be outside made me remember to enjoy the weather while it’s nice out and that exercise can be low-key.


For all the hot girls looking to make this a part of their lives, I’d definitely recommend it, but don’t force it if it’s not for you. If you’re looking for a fun way to get exercise this is a great entry point, but if you don’t like it, keep exploring other avenues that are suited to your interests and abilities.

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