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December Horoscopes: Predictions For Your Love Life and Career

December Horoscopes: Predictions For Your Love Life and Career

Sagittarius season is here. Read on for your December 2021 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your love life, social life and career this month from Astrology Detective.

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Aries  horoscopes for December 2021

Levelling up in your career

The last 10 days of the year offer an abundance of opportunities to climb the ladder at work. While everyone else is off making merry, you can step in and fill the void, giving you the perfect chance to make your mark and shine in the eyes of higher-ups. This is also an excellent time to send out holiday greetings to old colleagues and bosses; you could reinvigorate powerful, dormant connections, especially if you are looking to change jobs. Try to refrain from spending too much money buying gifts or socializing with people you don’t really care about — and who don’t care about you. Instead, target your spending on those who will have your back through thick and thin.

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Taurus horoscopes for December 2021

Time for personal and professional balance

The universe will be giving you a belated Christmas pressie this year. Jupiter changes sign on the 28th; if you have been crushed by an overwhelming workload for the past year, an ever-present sense of stress will alleviate considerably. You may still find your professional path to be relatively uninspired and filled with drudgery, but at least you will be able to obtain a greater work/life balance, especially in terms of friendship and romantic love. If you are travelling over the holidays, you will be able to refill your emotional coffers by reconnecting with old friends and family. Christmas Day will be overflowing with love and connection, helping to renew your entire outlook on life.

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Gemini horoscopes for December 2021

Prepare for a turbulent romance

If you and your romantic partner have been butting heads over your nebulous career direction, things may come to a head around the Solar Eclipse in your relationship sector on the 4th. It’s time to stop putting your head in the sand and face up to your differences in terms of future goals. Perhaps you will be able to make compromises and set down a new, mutually agreed-upon path together, or you may need to come to hard decisions and maybe even move on. Whatever happens, however, will mark a fresh, new start, even if it seems scary and sudden, at first. If you opt for a break up, the holiday social swirl will bring many new potential suitors your way, and you may end up in a solid couple very quickly.

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Cancer horoscopes for December 2021

Boost your energy

The month starts off with a hint of nervous anxiety, as your travel plans for Christmas may still be up in the air. You may get hit with a sudden unexpected workload, or a huge pile-up of chores may prevent you from getting things organized for the holidays well in advance. By mid-month, Mars give you the extra energy needed to get everything in order. Christmas Day sees a powerful conjunction between Venus and Pluto, bringing you closer than ever to your romantic partner. If you are single, this is an excellent time to reconnect with the one that got away and take a second chance on love. If you don’t have the finances to buy presents for your ever-widening circle of friends, give homemade presents or baked goods, instead.

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Leo horoscopes for December 2021

Treat yourself

If you are single, the upcoming holiday season will be driving this point home in a way that can no longer be ignored. You have been on a never-ending treadmill at work that has taken your eyes off the quest for romance, so think of this as the universe’s special Christmas gift, pushing you to achieve a greater work/life balance in the new year. It also has something else in store: a dashing romantic suitor could drop from the heavens during the first week of the month, so keep your eyes open for all opportunities. Venus retrograde in your health sector could put you in an indulgent frame of mind when it comes to diet and exercise; treating yourself is all fine and good, but be conscious of portion sizes and try not to get too lazy.

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Virgo horoscopes for December 2021

Set some boundaries

The month kicks off on a reflective note, and you may be contemplating the overall meaning of love, home and family. You current domestic situation may not be one of epic romance, and you may need to make changes in order to achieve a more fulfilling couple life. Perhaps you will decide to move on from a flakey, irresponsible lover, or finally set down limits and boundaries. If you are single, lofty ideals may be keeping you from having a true relationship. You may need to get out of the house, and out of your daydreams, and finally face the nitty-gritty existence that most couples navigate. You don’t need to lower your standards, but you may need to put away the fairy-tale books and face reality as to what constitutes a decent, supportive, long-term partner.

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Libra horoscopes for December 2021

Communicate clearly

Your words may be taken out of context at work during the first week of the month. You will be in a super-chatty mood, so be wary of sharing too much of your personal life, or you could find yourself at the wrong end of a gossip campaign. Likewise, if you stumble upon others who are trash-talking colleagues, extricate yourself from the situation to avoid getting sucked into unwanted drama. Your desire to splash out on expensive presents for children could backfire; you could end up splurging on things they don’t even appreciate, so it may be better to ask what they want in advance. You’ll also be in a financially generous mood when it comes to dating, but beware. All that extravagant wining and dining may lead to nothing long-lasting — except financial debt. Your thoughts turn to family on the 19th, and Christmas will be a powerful time to bond with loved ones.

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Scorpio horoscopes for December 2021

Reunite with family and friends

Kids and romantic partners could manipulate you into spending more than you budgeted on holiday presents and festivities, leading to an overall feeling of grumpiness that could morph into fights and arguments around the house. With Venus retrograde in your communications sector from the 19th, you will have the rare opportunity to reach out and make peace with estranged siblings, family, friends and other people in your local community. If you haven’t heard from someone in a long time, you can easily pick up where you left off. Your warmth, love and diplomacy will draw old acquaintances back into your orbit with little effort. There could be clashes and standoffs with your partner, however. Luckily, you will have an abundance of opportunities to find a new suitor over the next three months, or to inject a healthy dose of romance into an existing relationship.

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Sagittarius horoscopes for December 2021

Stay grounded

Confusion at home could trigger a sense of inner rage during the first week of the month. Stay shrewd in case you think wily family members, roommates or landlords are trying to manipulate and undermine you. By the 7th, you may not be able to restrain your ire any longer, pushing you to hash things out. Conversations may quickly escalate into arguments, so try to keep your cool. Your mojo makes a roaring comeback from the 13th; you will be bursting with enthusiasm, confidence and an abundance of good cheer for the entire holiday season. You may choose to show your love through thoughtful gift-giving, which won’t go unappreciated by those you love. Christmas will be a powerful day when you can grow close to all around you, helping you to re-establish a sense of inner-grounding and boosting your self-esteem.

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Capricorn horoscopes for 2021

Hit pause on a makeover

With the holidays, the New Year and your birthday all on the horizon, it is no wonder that you may be in a reflective mood during the first half of December. You may be staring deep into your inner-psyche, trying to make psychological sense of your overall life trajectory. While you are never one to navel-gaze, a little subconscious house-cleaning to close out the year may be in order, allowing you to start 2022 on a squeaky-clean, positive note. You may not have lots of excess money to spare on extravagant gifts, but you can make up for it with boundless amounts of love. This Christmas will be one of the most emotionally powerful of your life, so make sure to reach out and connect with those who bring meaning and purpose to your life. With Venus retro in your identity sector from the 19th, you should put off any major cosmetic make-overs until February, especially when it comes to inalterable procedures like cosmetic surgery.

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Aquarius horoscopes for December 2021

Keep making new connections

The holiday season will bring you a plethora of opportunities to expand your social network — so get out there and mingle. New, unexpected connections will appear suddenly out of the blue, drawing people into your orb who are intellectually stimulating and share your sense of humour. If you don’t have a lot of money for nights out on the town, try to meet people in other ways, such as online or by inviting existing acquaintances over to your house to hangout for a BYOB, and asking them to bring some friends you’ve never met along. This way everyone can meet new people. While certain aspects of your domestic life may be in disarray, Christmas will do much to reinvigorate the bonds of love, so you and your family are guaranteed to weather any future storm together.

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Pisces horoscopes for December 2021

Stay confident and positive

Just because it’s the festive season, doesn’t mean you should take your eyes off work. You may currently be confused about your overall career trajectory, but an exciting new opportunity could drop in your lap during the first week of the month, so apply for new positions and get out there and hustle. After the 19th, you will have many excellent occasions to connect with friends, both old and new. If you have grown estranged or had fallings out with those in your social circle, this would be an excellent time to offer an olive branch and make peace. Your extended network will provide powerful emotional support during this time, making you feel protected and cared for — it’s nice to know you have people that will watch your back. Once Jupiter enters your sign at the end of the month, your confidence will soar, so you can enter the new year with an extremely positive outlook.

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