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The Average Person Has the Most Hookups at This Age

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Ever find yourself wondering if you’re on par with the average millennial or Gen Z-er when it comes to all things sex?

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans looked into individual preferences when it came to casual flings and discovered that the average person has the most hookups at the age of 27. Conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of HUD App, the study also delved into other hookup expectations. For example, one in five (22 per cent) said they still make it a point to get to know the people they hook up with even though they know it’s casual.

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In addition, three in four respondents placed great importance on the overall manners and communication skills of their hookups. Of those surveyed, nearly half (49 per cent) valued looks and personality equally when choosing a partner. Breaking it down further, those who took part in the survey said the physical traits that appealed to them the most were: overall looks (23 per cent), smile (62 per cent), body type (60 per cent) and eyes (59 per cent).

“Compatibility is key to making a meaningful connection with someone, whether it’s for a casual encounter or a dating relationship,” says Katie Wilson, HUD dating app’s communications director, in a statement. “Who doesn’t love that electrifying thrill you feel when you’re hooking up with someone you’re newly attracted to? Being open to new people and experiences can stimulate unexpected, exhilarating connections and infuse your dating life with excitement.”

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But what happens after the fling is over? Two in three respondents thought they were compatible with their hookup — so much so that they wished they’d started a relationship with the person afterward. Another 68 per cent said they’re highly likely to develop feelings for the person they’re hooking up with. As a result, 18 per cent admitted they don’t hook up with the same person more than once to avoid getting attached.

Half of those surveyed admitted they’d be willing to hook up with a friend while 46 per cent said they’d reconnect with an ex for a casual fling. That being said 32 per cent of respondents prefer meeting someone on an app or website because they find it more exciting to meet up with someone they don’t already know.


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