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What’s Waterless Shampoo and How to Use it Right

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Canadian beauty industry veterans Jayme Jenkins and Jessica Stevenson have developed a new format for shampoo that removes plastic and water from the equation. Their zero-waste brand is called Everist, and the concept is shampoo concentrates — an innovative paste format in a 100ML aluminum tube that’s the equivalent of a 300ml bottle of shampoo, which is typically 70-80 per cent water. A metal key is included to help dispense the product and ensure you’re able to squeeze every last bit out.

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“You squeeze your dose into the palm of your hand when your hair and your hands are wet,” Stevenson says. “We say a half inch strip for short hair, a full inch, for medium length hair, and then an inch and a half strip would be for very curly, thick hair.” Activate the paste in your hands for five seconds until it becomes a creamy texture. “And then just lather it up in your hair for about 30 seconds,” she says. “The reason for that is you actually feel the product start to swell in your hair and develop this really kind of rich creamy lather.”

Everist waterless shapoo tube

Once finished, the tubes can be flattened and put right into recycling and don’t require any rinsing because any residue will be melted off at the municipal level. Because the only place the founders couldn’t forego plastic was with the cap, they have a cap back program; send yours back on their dime and they’ll upcycle them to future Everist products. “We think waste should be the responsibility of the businesses that create it.”

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These pastes aren’t the only waterless shampoo options. Here’s some other great ones to consider:

YODI Nutritive Argan Powder Shampoo with Prebiotic
The Detox Market
YODI Nutritive Argan Powder Shampoo with Prebiotic $33

French brand Yodi formulates many of their products in powder form, including their shampoo, which has only nine ingredients such as organic Argan oil, organic aloe vera, pea protein and a prebiotic. Just like Everist, dispense in wet hands and lather into wet hair. One bottle made of aluminum — not plastic — lasts about 20 washes.

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Superzero Shampoo BarSuperzero Shampoo Bar $18

There’s five versions of solid shampoo to choose from including ones for thinning or coloured hair and an itchy scalp. Massage the bar into wet hair to create your lather. The other way they’re looking out for the environment: all the packaging is made of chlorine free cardboard and uses biodegradable inks.

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Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera
Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera $29

The Parisian hairdresser and colourist artisanal bar is created using an ancestral process called saponification and incorporates aloe, glycerin and castor oil. “It won’t give the same shine as a traditional shampoo would,” Robin has said. “But once your hair is used to this new way of cleansing [after up to five washes], it will look noticeably healthier and be stronger.”

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KMS Moist Repair Solid Shampoo

KMS Moist Repair Solid Shampoo$21

The brand’s best selling shampoo was just released in solid form. Ideal for dull, damaged or dry hair, the formula is fuelled by a botanical blend, with 79% of the ingredients coming from natural origin, including aloe vera.

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Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo Bar
Love Beauty and Planet
Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo Bar

Designed for colour treated hair, this bar uses Amazonian Murumuru Butter to moisturize and scented with Bulgarian rose petals. We also adore the heart shape versus your standard rectangle. 

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