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Mental is Health: See Slice on the New TikTok Wellness Hub

Mental is Health: See Slice on the New TikTok Wellness Hub

The act of self-care can vary, depending on the person. However you choose to recognize it in your daily routine — be it yoga, journaling or long walks in nature — having it built into your routine is essential to your overall well-being.

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In the last decade, the wellness industry has skyrocketed. Credit the trailblazing millennial and Gen Z generations for their desire to live a life of balance and mindfulness. According to reports, the worldwide wellness industry is valued at a whopping $4.2 trillion (USD). What all of this tells us is that wellness is top of mind for the majority of people, across the globe.

Here at, we value mental health and wellness. When we’re not writing about coping with social anxiety or signs you’re an empath or mental health books, we’re keeping tabs on the latest in wellness news and trends. And, as part of our partnership with TikTok, we’re excited to announce our new Wellness hub.

@slicedotcatrust the timing of your own life.💕 @caitlinmariedasilva wants to remind you to stop comparing your 20s to others and take it at your own pace.⏳♬ Countless – Official Sound Studio

From mindfulness and life advice, to fitness and nutrition, we’ve collaborated with some of TikTok’s biggest creators to bring you all the healthy living tips, tricks and hacks you could ever need.

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@slicedotcaFeeling sluggish? @caitlinmariedasilva is giving you 3 ways journaling can help motivate you to stay on track of your habits and goals!✍️📓♬ YOU’RE MY SUNSHINE – The Upsided

So if you’re looking for new practices, techniques or methods to incorporate into your self-care regimen, head over to TikTok for some of our soothing and creative ways to to find inner peace and good health. Follow our Wellness Hub here.

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