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5 Things to Do for the Perfect Weekend in Toronto

Sunny day view of Toronto sign

Finally: the sun is shining, the trees-in-bloom are painting our streets green and we’re ready to start playing the main character in our weekends again. But where to start and what to do? For those of us lucky enough to live in or around Toronto, there are plenty of cute spots worth checking out for sweet Saturday adventures or not-so-scary Sundays.

If you’re planning a totally dreamy Toronto weekend this season, we’ve got you covered with a round-up of five fun and fabulous things to do in the city — courtesy of  @joelleanello on Slice’s TikTok.

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@slicedotca Suddenly I’m starving 😍 @joelleanello #pasaj #brunchtok #torontofood ♬ original sound – paramind

Savour a little Istanbul-style brunch at Pasaj

Can it really be a perfect weekend without a delicious bite of brunch? Pasaj is an Istanbul-style bakery featuring sweet and savoury flavours — and an incredible brunch. As Joelle explains, the restaurants takes a made-in-house, from-scratch approach to their brunch menu, which features crave-worthy classics like Shakshouka and a mouth-watering stack of pancakes. Can’t make it on the weekend? Brunch is served daily at Pasaj, so feel free to visit any morning you like.

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@slicedotca Grab some flowers today because you deserve it 🥰 #torontotodo #torontostores #exploretoronto #torontoexplore ♬ original sound – darcy 🦦

Stop and smell the roses (and other blooms) at Thyme Studio

One of the best ways to set yourself up for a great week to come is to surround yourself with a little beauty and nature – so why not treat yourself (and maybe a few of your loved ones, too) to a gorgeous bouquet of blooms? Located in the east side of Toronto, Thyme Studio is a full-service floral studio offering wedding bouquets, special floral arrangements and more. To make your weekend blossom, visit their dried and fresh floral bars to build-your-own perfect bouquet.

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@slicedotca the vibes are immaculate ✨ @joelleanello #nailsalontoronto #nailstoronto #torontotodo #todotoronto ♬ original sound – Adam Wright

Get your nails done at Majesty’s Pleasure

A fresh manicure is one of those little luxuries that can go a long way, and — as Joelle tells us — Majesty’s Pleasure is one of the most beautiful nail salons to treat yourself in Toronto. With unique design and a stunning ambiance, this salon is known for their nail art — so make a weekend appointment to get some special spring or summer nail art designs on your claws.

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@slicedotca love this place thanks to @joelleanello 🛍 #thriftingtips #thrifttoronto #torontothrift #torontothrifting ♬ meet me at our spot by willow smith and tyler cole – The Favourites.

Embrace vintage vibes at The Apartment

We love a monochromatic moment (especially in pink hues), and so the all-pink vibes at The Apartment — a vintage store featuring hand-selected and curated pieces — are a must-visit for a sweet weekend experience. Inside this woman-owned business, you’ll find an array of charming and one-of-a-kind vintage home items, which make it a pleasure to shop more sustainably.

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@slicedotca Need caffeine STAT!!!! #torontorestaurant #torontocafe #exploretoronto #hiddengemtoronto #torontocoffee @joelleanello ♬ original sound – Isabella Kensington

Power up with a caffeine boost from Found Coffee

Finally, keep your energy up and take in some cafe ambiance with a little pick-me-up sip of coffee (and maybe a snack) from Found Coffee. As Joelle explains, the owner of this Australian-based cafe came to Toronto for love — and that love has grown to include this bright “paradise-in-the-city” cafe. Complete with a charming (and newly opened) patio, this is the place to stop in for an americano, tea or one of the cafe’s famous toasts, like “The Berries” — sourdough topped with mascarpone, berries, mint and honey.

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