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These Cities are Getting the Best Sleep Around the World

Sleep is so essential to our wellbeing that for centuries, people have used sleep deprivation as a way to torture prisoners. Sleep deprivation can have serious implications for your mental and physical health. But it’s not just how long you get to sleep for that’s important, it’s also the quality of your sleep. If you’re in bed for ten hours but spend most of those tossing and turning, you might as well have gone without any sleep at all.

So what causes us to lose sleep? The main factors include mental or physical health conditions; the consumption of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine; being overworked and having a long and stressful commute; not having a job you love and having financial woes; chronic pain and your environment: too much noise or light, for instance. CBD brand VAAY used these factors as criteria to find the cities getting the best sleep around the world, out of 75 studied. Read on if you want to know the top six and also want to find out where Canadian cities rank.

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