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The Wildest Chefs on ‘Below Deck’ and Its Spin-offs Over the Years

Kiko from Below Deck Med cooking
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The chefs featured on Below Deck work hard and long hours to keep the yachters satisfied and nourished — and most importantly — impressed. As with any high pressure and time-sensitive job, some turbulence is expected. The kitchen of Bravo’s Below Deck series has often served as one of the most drama-filled areas on the boat, and the chefs always seem to be in the centre of it. Let’s look over some of the chefs on the show who have stirred the pot — and rocked the boat.

Ben Robinson
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10. Ben Robinson

Although he’s a likeable fan favourite, Ben still had his turbulent moments during his four season run with Below Deck. He saved the day more than once, returning to the third season after Leon Walker’s firing, and again when Anastasia Surmava had to step down. That being said, Ben had his bad days, even trashing the gallery after receiving a bad review.

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Anastasia Surmava
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9. Anastasia Surmava

Anastasia, who first appeared on season four of Below Deck Mediterranean, worked her way up to head chef. She began as a third stew and received a promotion after Mila Kolomeitseva was fired. Anastasia went on to prove her talents to the yachters, her team and fans, but didn’t last long as a chef. After a few stressful charters and some mixed reviews, Anastasia returned to third stew.

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Hindrigo "Kiko" Lorran
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8. Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran

Fan-favourite, Kiko from season five of Below Deck Mediterranean, brought fun-loving energy to the boat. He did, however, struggle with food quality, causing some rifts with Captain Sandy. Even after pulling off a 72-plate meal, he was still let go from the boat. The disastrous nachos at the Vegas-themed dinner proved to be the final straw for our boy Kiko.

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Rachel Hargrove
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7. Rachel Hargrove

Season eight of Below Deck gave us a picture of Hargrove’s culinary skills, and her relationship with now ex-boyfriend Vincenzio. She left the boat upon hearing that the spread of COVID-19 was becoming a serious issue, but returned to finish out the season. She has since revealed that she quit the show after being given an ultimatum from Vincenzio, but she couldn’t keep away from her passion. You can catch her cheffing it up in season nine.

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Tom Checketts

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6. Tom Checketts

Tom took the kitchen stage following the firing of fan-favourite, Kiko. He joined the boat already in a relationship with Malia White, the ship Bosun. While the team and fans we’re already skeptical of the sheer shadiness of his hiring, his tantrums throughout his time solidified their backlash against him. The drama surrounding his position on the boat, and instances such as his fit over a cucumber put him at number six.

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Matthew Shea
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5. Mathew Shea

Mathew Shea’s dramatic departure from Below Deck Mediterranean puts him at number five. After previously leaving and returning due to a knee injury, Mathew quit again in the wee hours of the night. After a tense and strenuous night out with the crew, he packed his bags and left. But not before aggressively cursing out production and hitting cameras on his way out.

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Adam Glick
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4. Adam Glick

Adam’s time on the second and third seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean definitely started shaky, but progressed over time. Chaos in Adam’s romantic life with two of his crew members caused him to lash out as a chef. He even purposely added onions to the meal of a guest that strictly requested no onions. Though his off-putting attitude caused many rifts, Adam showed growth over the following seasons.


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Leon Walker
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3. Leon Walker

Season three of Below Deck was full of tense fights surrounding chef Leon and chief stew Kate. Captain Lee Rosbach fired him after causing a fire on board and receiving criticism around his cooking quality and variety. He left the boat mid-charter on a bitter note, going as far as pouring honey in Kate’s bed.

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Mila Kolomeitsev
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2. Mila Kolomeitsev

Both Mila’s cooking and her attitude lands her at number two on the list. After making homophobic remarks, and serving underwhelming processed food, Mila was fired after the second charter. Mila was also at the centre of the boat’s first ‘nacho disaster,’ making Old El Paso tacos that chief stew Hannah Ferrier flat out wouldn’t serve the guests.

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Kevin Dobson

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1. Kevin Dobson

The male versus female rift on season seven of Below Deck was primarily caused by Kevin, ranking him at number one on the list. His attitude, fights with Rhylee and Kate Chastain (including kicking sand in Kate’s face) and disrespect for Captain Lee made him one of the show’s least likeable chefs.

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