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Why Bullet Journaling May be the Best Tool for Your Mindfulness and Organization

Caitlin Da Silva's bullet journal spread
Caitlin Da Silva

Some have said that bullet journaling is a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. However you wish to use this tool, bullet journaling (BuJo for short) is a big thing online.

Caitlin Da Silva, lifestyle, productivity, and organization content creator, is big on bullet journalling herself, and she explains five benefits of how bullet journaling can be a powerful transformative personal tool.

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Benefit 1: You can customize it to suit your needs

Bullet journaling is such an open-ended tool that you can make it into whatever you need it to be. It’s a mix of both a planner and a journal and it allows its user to decide which end of the spectrum works best for them. “Creators have adapted [Ryder Carroll’s list system] and made their own unique spreads using markers, colours and pasting things and it’s so much more creative than any planner I’ve seen because it’s completely customizable,” says Da Silva. “It becomes a really powerful tool.”

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Benefit 2: It’s more than just a to-do list

This ties to the previous point, but a bullet journal is a great way to give space to your inner world (shoutout to all the introverts out there). “I just love how intimate of a thing it is.” Sure, you can tackle and track upcoming assignments and events, but you can also check in with your habits, spending, favourite movies and books, and so much more. “It becomes more than just a planner. It becomes almost like a little snapshot of what my life was at that moment and something that I can look back on years from now and see what thoughts I had it’s kind of like a diary what was I into, how was I spending my time,” adds Da Silva. 

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Benefit 3: You can let your creativity flow

“I love using craft paper and black washi tape and white jelly roll pens,” says Da Silva. These are Da Silva’s personal minimalist staples, but of course, you can find your own personal style, and really tap into your creative side. “It’s almost like the adult version of the arts and crafts you might’ve done as a kid.” It can be very therapeutic, and offer a great way to check in with yourself as a form of regular self-care. You can put on your favourite music or podcast, grab a cup of tea or a glass of vino and make it a restorative, creative outlet. “I like to see what my brain comes up with.” 

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Benefit 4: It’s great place to embrace mistakes

Even a bullet journalling pro like Da Silva doesn’t get it perfect every time (or right away). “I don’t put pressure on myself to have these super perfect spreads. I make mistakes and just let them happen. That’s part of the fun and it shows just how hand-made it is.” 

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Benefit 5: There’s a community of support

Da Silva shares her own spreads to inspire others, and she is by no means the only one. “Just search bullet journal on Pinterest, or check out the bullet journaling hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll quickly see that there’s just such a variety of different styles and spreads that you can do in your own journal the options are really limitless.” Whatever you’re personally into, chances are there’s someone out there doing that kind of style. “It’s just awesome that the internet makes it possible to connect with all kinds of different people.” 

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For more lifestyle, organization and planning content, check out Caitlin Da Silva on Instagram and YouTube.


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