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We Found 10 of the Most Dog-Friendly Cities in Canada

Dedicated pet parents will always do what’s best for their dog, even if that means packing up and moving to a more dog-friendly city.

A recent study conducted by found that dog owners would pass on buying their dream home if it didn’t accommodate their four-legged baby. In fact, 87 per cent of pet parents looking to buy a house in the next year plan on factoring their pets when choosing which neighbourhood to live in. Amenities such as a dog door, backyard dog run and a bath/shower station were the most sought-after features on dog parents’ lists. 

“The expectations of what it means to become a pet parent have evolved over time,” Melissa Gutierrez, senior vice president and general manager of Pets Best, said in a recent press release. “We’ve found that pet parents now are far more likely to plan for their pet’s care, think about their pet’s wellbeing, and integrate their pet into daily routines.”

Whether you’re looking to move to a new city or simply want to go on a vacation where you won’t have to leave your pup behind, certain cities are more dog-friendly than others. With this in mind, here are our picks for 10 dog-friendly cities every Canadian dog parent should know. 

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