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May 2021 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career

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Read on for your May 2021 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your love life, social life and career this month from Astrology Detective.

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Aries #TheSecret

For Aries, money, fame and power are merely vehicles to a greater objective. What motivates the rest of the world as an end goal, only serves as a means to you. Your true desire in life has always been, and will always be, admiration. Yet, while all your hard work may be bringing you the trappings of worldly success, the higher you climb the ladder, those around you seem to be holding you in lower and lower esteem. Maybe it’s not the outside markers that count after all, but what’s on the inside? Over the upcoming year, you can achieve a great reset in terms of your true inner goals. Instead of striving so desperately for attention, learn to be a kind, giving, and humble friend — and watch those around you respond in kind. Who knew it could be so easy?

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Taurus #StopBeingASucker

Loyalty is your strength, but it can also be your downfall. You tend to be the ultimate ride or die, sticking like glue to your friends and loved ones no matter what the world throws at you while cruising down the highway of life. Unfortunately, for several years now, many so-called friends and acquaintances have been keeping you in their passenger seat merely because they need an accomplice to further their own schemes, with very little benefit to you. If you are feeling exploited and used, it’s time you start listening to your inner voice so you will have the capacity to see the truth in those around you. Luckily, Uranus in your sign is giving you the rebellious streak to upset the status quo and shake off those who have been holding you back.

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Gemini #DoTheHustle

If your career horizons have been as murky and baggy as a 30-minute guitar solo from the 1970s, it’s time you turn the dial and start dancing to a different tune. The arrival of lucky Jupiter into your sector of professional success will brighten your prospects considerably. Instead of constant confusion, you will finally be able to play offense, thanks to an extra-large boost of confidence and infectious enthusiasm. Turn the beat around by putting yourself out there and going for your goals in an honest, open manner. With Mars in your earned income sector throughout May, this is a great time to seek new clients, start your own business, or look for a new job with a raise in pay.

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Cancer #ConsciousReawakening

After wandering around confused in life’s dark existential forest, you will finally stumble upon your own personal tree of enlightenment, leading to a Buddha-like reawakening. It is time to open your eyes to all the wonders of the world around you. In the past, you may have cut yourself off from the broad horizons of the universe by encasing yourself in a couple bubble. But being dedicated only to true love may have kept you from living a life filled with meaning, experience and purpose. It is time to get back into the swing of things through spontaneous exploration and interaction. May’s skies are also filled with many wonderful opportunities for extending your social circle, so dust the cobwebs off your contact list and start building an inspiring community of relationships.

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Leo #ShrewdSharing

Your enthusiasm and generosity are irresistible — and that is the exact problem. For far too long, you have had an open-door policy, allowing anyone and everyone into your den of kindness. If they had a sob story, you took them at face value and lavished them with your time and help without any kind of background check. If you felt your were being manipulated and used, you would push those thoughts aside and blame yourself for being unsympathetic. This has left you vulnerable to a wide array of vultures and vampires, who have sucked you dry without offering anything in return. You have been left suspicious, exhausted and cut off. It is time to start picking up the pieces by rebuilding your sense of trust in people. The power is in your hands. You control who you let into your life and who has access to your endless depths of benevolence. Your inner compass will guide you to those who are truly worth your time.

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Virgo #HonestRelations

All you need is love, but all you’ve got is a non-stop array of seductive suitors selling you a set of false goods. Giving your partner a second chance is the healthy thing to do, but by the time you get into the double or triple digits, you should maybe start wondering if you’re being conned. Jupiter moves into your sector of committed relationship sector this month, serving as a heat-seeking missile in search of the truth. After endless excuses, pity plays and empty apologies, all you want is a simple, honest significant other — and you have an extremely good chance of finding one over the course the next year. But first, you need to take your head out of the sand and own up to everything wrong in your love life. In order to have a clean and decent romantic situation, you first need to take out the trash.

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Libra #TakingCareOfBusiness

When it comes to your professional goals, you often get lost in lofty daydreams and the creative visionary process. As a result, instead of getting your innovative ideas off the ground, you end up idling about in a state of extended reverie that borders on sheer laziness. Luckily, Jupiter is coming to your rescue. Over the course of the next year, it will give you a massive energy boost, pushing you to roll up your sleeves and tackle all that annoying work that needs to be done in order to achieve success. With Mars in your sector of career advancement in May, your can-do spirit will impress higher-ups at the workplace, which could lead to a promotion or leadership role.

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Scorpio #KissedEnoughFrogs

You are a sign that thrives on control and certainty, but your love life has been anything but a well-oiled machine lately. Unruly, rebellious partners refuse to obey your command, and, while potential suitors may promise you the kingdom, they are rarely willing to hop off their lily pads to provide you with anything of use. Instead of seeking a perfect union, it’s time to seek out truth and honesty. Over the next year, you will be surrounded by many opportunities for romance, but instead of allowing yourself to be sucked in by superficially seductive rogues, try to base your choices on inner characteristics, such as decency and generosity. After all, the truly worthwhile ones rarely flaunt it.

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Sagittarius #RatInTheKitchen

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but your current inner unhappiness may not be rooted in external forces such as work or society, but in a manipulative person residing within the walls of your own home. You may have been placing your trust and love in the hands of a family member who does not provide you with concrete support and care. Instead you receive a kind of inconsiderate disregard that may even verge on abuse. If you have been normalizing years of ill treatment, simply because you’ve lost touch with the reality of what “normal” is, you will finally be able to wake up to the truth. It’s time you realize your worth and value, and start setting boundaries as to what sorts of behavior you will and will not accept. You may even decide it’s not worth sinking any more time or energy into your current situation, and seek to build your own life far from your current domestic abode.

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Capricorn #SpeakingTruth

You are a sign that cherishes decorum and manners, tending to shrink away from outright confrontation because you feel it is somehow uncivilized and beneath you. However, when communicating your needs and feelings to others, your soft approach can often slip into the realm of manipulation, leaving others feeling deceived and confused. Jupiter is entering your communications sector and it is here to teach you how to have open, direct, forthright discussions about difficult topics. If you ever wondered why a lot of your associations never get beyond the level of a business-like courtesy, it may be because people feel they can’t connect with you on a deeper, transparent level. Once your words flow freely, so will feelings of closeness and trust.

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Aquarius #GoldRush

Your head is often so dreamily stuck in the clouds that you may have forgot that you must look underground in order to find gold. Luckily for you, over the course of the next year, you will possess the perfect combination of innovative, creative ideas and moneymaking acumen, allowing income to start rolling in. Whether you work for someone else, freelance or want to start your own business, your Midas touch will transform the world around you into a material land of plenty. Don’t be afraid to use your talents for pie-in-the-sky dreams or making the world a better place. Society is finally rewarding businesses that have social conscience.

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Pisces #LookInTheMirror

Now is a moment of reckoning. You will no longer be able to hide behind a false, self-inflated ego or non-realistic, fairy-tale construct of the world. You need to tap into your true core self, so you can exude the confidence and capability that lies within you. And luckily for you, Jupiter is entering your identity sector for a one-year stay to help you do just that. It’s not going to be all smooth sailing, however. Jupiter demands honesty, so you will need to take a strong look at yourself, and shed any self-delusions before you can show your best side to the world. You are such an intuitive, enlightened sign, why would want to hide behind an illusion anyways? Stop trying so hard to put on the mask of perfection, when who you really are deep down is even better.

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