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Fashion Fails: The Worst Celebrity Looks of November 2021

Cardi B at the 2021 American Music Awards wearing a gold mask
Getty Images

Let’s hear it for November: the month that lacks holiday breaks (unless you celebrate American Thanksgiving). Instead, we look forward to bursts of colder temperatures that hint at the harsh reality that pumpkin spice season is coming to a close as fall begins to fade out in favour of winter. If it sounds bleak, that’s because — it is. November is officially the armpit of the calendar year, again, unless you’re American where it’s basically Mariah Carey season already, and nobody is ashamed to admit it.

But it’s not all bad! November also serves as a month of anticipation as holiday parties slowly fill up calendars and the stress of holiday shopping overflows digital carts across the internet. It’s a prelude to red-and-green everything and the start of spreading cheer and trying to convince everyone but yourself that there is no such thing as decorating too early. 

Light up that holiday tree and break off a piece of peppermint bark because it’s time for another delicious look at celebrities dressing badly.

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Whoopi Goldberg wearing an oversized burgundy robe at an event
Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg, November 2, 2021 

Whoopi may not be known for her cool or sleek sense of fashion, but these puffy capes and robes she’s been bringing to style events recently continue to place her on our fashion fail shortlist. Perhaps she’s hiding something worthy of praise underneath all of that extra fabric? Alas, we may never find out.

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Billie Eilish posing in a lace outfit at a Gucci event
Getty Images

Billie Eilish, November 2, 2021

Sorry, Billie, we’re calling it and this outfit you selected for the Gucci Love Parade looks like Grandma’s doily collection that’s been gathering dust for years. Some will call it fashion and perhaps, more importantly, that it’s designer fashion, but not even a slick pair of trendy sunnies could force us to say “it’s Gucci.”

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Tracee Ellis Ross arriving to a Gucci event in a aqua blue and red dress.
Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross, November 2, 2021

Tracee Ellis Ross is another celeb who falls victim to our fashion attacks after wearing this ensemble to the Gucci Love Parade. In her defence, though, we love the pops of colour and totally feel the skirt portion of this dress, but we can’t get past the football shoulder pads at the top, and for that reason, Ross won’t be celebrating a touchdown.

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Kim Kardashian leaving a restaurant in LA wearing denim print legging socks
Getty Images

Kim Kardashian, November 2, 2021 

Here she is again! The Kardashian that we can always count on to wear something just strange enough to maintain relevance in the fashion fails world. Month after month, Kim K continues to serve us lewks that leave us shaking our heads and, this month, we were blessed in the first week with what appears to be acid wash legging-shoe-socks? Keep ‘em coming, Kim!

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Ilana Glazer wearing a long navy blue button up dress with tall brown suede boots
Getty Images

Ilana Glazer, November 3, 2021

We thought that Ilana Glazer would be a cool mom instead of being one of those regular moms, but this outfit is proving otherwise. Maybe we’re still holding on to images of cropped tops and mesh from her Broad City days, but we have to believe that an outfit like this would make Ilana Wexler weep — and not in a good way.

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Jaime Xie wearing a multi-coloured plastic dress at an event
Getty Images

Jaime Xie, November 6, 2021 

As a model, socialite and reality TV host, Jaime Xie knows a thing or two about fashion. She also attended fashion school and, after dropping out early, she built her brand by working with infamous brands such as Tiffany & Co., Jimmy Choo and Sephora, which made this outfit she wore to the LACMA Art+Film Gala even more confusing. It has the same look as those DIY plastic bag holiday wreaths folks used to fuss about, and we’re not ready for a comeback.

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Dua Lipa leaving a venue and wearing a pink dress with butterflies
Getty Images

Dua Lipa, November 6, 2021 

We know, we know. Our queen can do no wrong, but what in fresh hell is happening with this pink (dare-we-call-it) dress? The “Don’t Stop Now” singer wore the ensemble while attending the upcoming TV special, An Audience With Adele, but it looks more like she’s ready to join the “Thriller” dance sequence in a reboot of 13 Going on 30

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Paloma Elsesser attends the 2021 CFDA Awards at The Seagram Building on November 10, 2021 in New York City.
Getty Images

Paloma Elsesser, November 10, 2021 

We are straight-up blaming Kim Kardashian for starting the sweater glove trend that has landed supermodel Paloma Elsesser on this list — but we can’t stop there. It’s also the asymmetrical skirt on top of pleated dress pants that increases her chances, but what truly sealed Elsesser’s fashion fate is the flip floppity flops on her feet.

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Aubrey Plaza wearing a fashion suit with nylons at an event
Getty Images

Aubrey Plaza, November 10, 2021 

We can’t tell for sure if the joke is on her or us, but this androgynous fashion suit Aubrey Plaza wore to the 2021 CFDA Awards isn’t making us LOL for the right reasons. If only we could channel our inner April Ludgate for a fashion burn worth tossing at this look.

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 Hailee Steinfeld wearing a dress over pants at holiday event
Getty Images

Getty Images

Hailee Steinfeld, November 11, 2021

Hailee Steinfeld caught that early 2000s nostalgia fever and seemingly decided it was time to bring it back while attending the UK Fan Screening of Hawkeye. But if Steinfeld really wants to make tube dresses with pants happen (again), we may have to hide under a rock until it’s over.

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Ciara posing for the camera in a see throguh black top and elegant black skirt
Getty Images

Ciara, November 13, 2021 

Let us start off by stating we stan Ciara forever and always, but she didn’t exactly bring the goodies to Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala with this outfit. It’s like the fashion version of mullet: a party at the bottom and business at the top.

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January Jones posing for the camera wearing white knee-high go-go boots
Getty Images

January Jones, November 15, 2021 

The Mad Men alum left nothing to the imagination when she decided to mix style trends from some of fashion’s most popular decades at the 6th Annual InStyle Awards. Her creativity isn’t without merit, but the knee-high go-go boots are making her feel more like Austin Powers fembot than fashionista.

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Connie Britton wearing a black and neon dress at an event
Getty Images

Connie Britton, November 15, 2021 

Everyone’s favourite TV mom hit a fashion fail with her peek-a-boo neon surprise. It’s our duty to protect Connie Britton at all costs but, unfortunately, this dress can’t save Britton from the wrath of the internet.

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Lan Condor wearing a mixed pattern and texture outfit at an event
Getty Images

Lana Condo, November 15, 2021 

The sweet and innocent Lana Condor is all grown up, but her closet appears to be stuck in her teen years. She pulled out all the stops for the 6th Annual InStyle Awards by mixing bold patterns and textures, and it’s a lot for the eyes. To All Fans: P.S. We still don’t love it.

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Christina Hendricks wearing a head to toe floral gown at an event
Getty Images


Christina Hendricks, November 15, 2021 

Christina Hendricks had it all covered in this outfit she wore to the 6th Annual InStyle Awards. It looks like the famous “good girl” committed another crime by seemingly taking the wallpaper from a tea room to create grandma’s favourite dress. Can she get away with it this time? Our jury says — no way!

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Kali Uchis attends the 2021 American Music Awards in a pink silk lingerie outfit
Getty Images

Kali Uchis, November 21, 2021

Kali Uchis attended the 2021 American Music Awards looking like she was ready for bed before the show could even begin. There’s no rule in the fashion playbook that says you can’t wear lingerie to an event. It’s actually a very common style choice for some. But despite that undeniable truth, this look from Uchis is making us very sleepy.

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Erica Banks attending the 2021 American Music Awards in a mint green satin outfit
Getty Images

Erica Banks, November 21, 2021

It looks like shiny satin was on the mind of multiple attendees at the 2021 American Music Awards, including Erica Banks. The rapper attended the red carpet looking like a sprig of mint in an outfit well-suited for the early 2000s era, which, despite what TikTok will tell you, is actually not a trend worth celebrating.

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Cardi B attending the 2021 American Music Awards wearing a black dress and gold mask
Getty Images

Cardi B, November 21, 2021 

Cardi B made her host debut at the 2021 American Music Awards and stole the show with multiple outfits changes and her signature personality, but what stood out in all the wrong ways was her red carpet arrival outfit. It would seem Kim Kardashian has started a new fashion fad where all it takes is a face covering to complete your look.

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Tichina Arnold attends the 2021 Soul Train Awards wearing a multi-print dress
Getty Images

Tichina Arnold, November 21, 2021

Remember the Magic Eye books that allowed you to see 3D images by basically crossing your eyes until they hurt? Well, it looks like that was the inspiration for Tichina Arnold’s 2021 Soul Train Awards show outfit, and it’s hard to look away without getting hurt.

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Hailee Steinfeld walking outside wearing a black jacket with straps
Getty Images

Hailee Steinfeld, November 23, 2021

It’s the second time this month that Hailee Steinfeld has shown us her worst look. It hurts us to do this again, but there is simply no getting away with whatever this jacket situation is. It’s still unclear if this look was intentional, and the number question on our mind is where did Hailee’s hands go?

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