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Cardi B Gave Selena Gomez Some Career Advice – and We’re Into It

Selena Gomez seated at a radio event holding a microphone
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Selena Gomez has a No.1 fan in Cardi B. When the pop star recently revealed her disillusionment with the music industry in a candid interview, Cardi was quick to swoop in with some career advice of her own.

It all started with a recent Vogue interview in which Gomez openly hinted that she’s considering stepping away from music – permanently. “What’s the point? Why do I keep doing this?” she said. “‘Lose You to Love Me’ I felt was the best song I’ve ever released, and for some people it still wasn’t enough. I think there are a lot of people who enjoy my music, and for that I’m so thankful, for that I keep going, but I think the next time I do an album it’ll be different. I want to give it one last try before I maybe retire music.”

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Cardi B, like any true Selena stan, immediately took to Twitter: “I don’t think Selena should retire. She makes good music & her fans love her. I think she needs one more Era. A edgy one that no one ever seen her as. I would love to give her some ideas.”

While we love to see women supporting women, it has us wondering whether or not an “edgy” era makes sense for the Gomez brand of squeaky clean Disney pop star. Although she attempted to break free of the Magic Kingdom once before – a supporting role in the crass comedy Spring Breakers with fellow Disney alum Vanessa Hudgens – she quickly resumed her music career after the film was critically panned.

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Former Disney stars tend to believe they need an “edgy” era in order to successfully break away from their former kid-friendly alter egos. More often than not, that assumption tends to hold true. We’ve seen it work out quite well for Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. But would it work for Gomez? It’d certainly require some major rebranding on her part, but there’s a plethora of ways she could tackle the challenge.


If Gomez were to take a different route – a grittier look, a new sound – it could work in her favour and endear her to an entirely new fanbase. On the flip side, it could also alienate her existing fans and further her disillusionment with the music industry. But life comes with challenges – we all (hopefully) grow and evolve with the passage of time. Gomez doesn’t have to do a complete 180 like Miley Cyrus to make this point either – she would just need to shake things up a little bit. More like No Doubt Gwen Stefani vs. solo artist Gwen Stefani.

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As much as an artist may value their brand (and it’s always good to honour and acknowledge it), there’s something to be said for those who take risks. Would Britney still be the mega-star she is today without her “Toxic” era? It can pay off to evolve and challenge yourself as an artist – all the greatest entertainers in history have undergone a transformation of sorts. Some, like Lady Gaga or Madonna, have done it multiple times over the years. Which is where Cardi B seems to be coming from with her supportive tweet. In our estimation, it’s sound advice.

Trying something new (within her comfort zone) before throwing in the towel ensures there will be less regrets and “what ifs” should Gomez still ultimately decide to move on from the music industry. As for us, we’re now eagerly anticipating her “one last try.”


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