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Fashion Fails: The Worst Celebrity Looks of October 2021

Cynthia Erivo wearing a yellow ruffle dress
Getty Images

October is a special time of year. The weather becomes increasingly confusing; colourful leaves create a flurry of social media posts that all look the same, and everyday people all of a sudden become the witches they always aspired to be. (Hocus Pocus, anyone?)

Change is in the air, but one thing remains true — celebrities will continue to wear terrible outfits, and we’ll continue to be here to poke innocent fun at their efforts. As the rich and famous begin to prep themselves for the best parties and events that spooky season has to offer, we’ll be here impatiently waiting for some epic Halloween costume blunders.

So, grab some candy (and a sense of humour) and find out which outfits are scaring the fashion sense out of certain celebs this month.

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Cardi B dressed in a green onsie for fashion week
Getty Images

Cardi B, October 3, 2021

Far be it for us to tell Cardi B what to do, but having a baby doesn’t mean you have to dress like a baby, too. This green onesie is a lot to take in, but it’s the bonnet that truly sealed Cardi’s fashion failure fate. It’s also producing some major Willy Wonka vibes, and while the Oompa Loompa’s may have her back with this look, we can’t say the same for us. 

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Rosario Dawson wearing a black latex dress at an event
Getty Images

Rosario Dawson, October 4, 2021

You know what they say — one person’s trash is another person’s next event look. At least, that had to be what someone said to Rosario Dawson before further convincing her that a latex black garbage bag-inspired dress was the right choice for the premiere for Hulu’s Dopesick at the Museum of Modern Art. Sometimes bad fashion happens to good people, and there’s nothing we can do but judge them.

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Scout Willis posing for the camera wearing an all-red '80s inspired outfit
Getty Images

Scout Willis, October 5, 2021

Sure, it’s hard to stand out when you’re the daughter of famous actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, but Scout Willis is looking more ’80s camp than an elegant lady in red. It’s not all bad, though. We love each piece she selected for this outfit, but putting them all together for Paris Fashion Week may have been trying too hard to create a vibe worth clapping for. Instead, we see red — and not in a way that makes us feel full of love for this look.

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Zendaya wearing a long grey dress with a gold bib as she poses for a step and repeat
Getty Images

Zendaya, October 6, 2021

Never in our wildest dreams did we think Zendaya would find herself on any fashion fails list — let alone ours — but here we are. Do we really need to point out that the gold bib is the most obvious issue with this outfit? Things could have improved for Zendaya, but the remainder of the dress looks like a material we’ve spent the entirety of the pandemic wearing while we work from home. We’re sorry we had to do it. But can you blame us?

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Kim Kardashian leaving a hotel dressed in all pink
Getty Images

Kim Kardashian, October 7, 2021

In more unpopular opinions this week, we are once again picking on Kim Kardashian. It’s not the worse thing we’ve seen her in, but when we think of a pink Barbie dream outfit — this is not exactly what we had in mind. First, it’s the velvet jacked mixed with the sleek satin boot-pants, but mostly it’s those stupid little gloves she insists on wearing. Were wish you better luck next round, Kim.

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Zooey Deschanel in a floral peasant dress at a tv premiere
Getty Images

Zooey Deschanel, October 8, 2021

This dress is a typical Zooey Deschanel outfit, but we do have one tiny critique for everyone’s favourite manic pixie dream girl. Deschanel wore this floral peasant dress to the season two premiere of We’re Here, an HBO Max series where former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants travel the United States to recruit small-town folk to participate in a one-night-only drag show. So, we have to ask: did she not get the memo that neon, glitter and sequins were on the fashion menu that evening?

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Jennifer Lopez walking in New York with Ben Affleck
Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez, October 10, 2021

Nobody wants to put JLo on blast, but this leather outfit is too much for her, and we’re not afraid to say it. She’s mixing suede and leather in a way that feels like it’s swallowing her up. And although we are brainwashed to believe that a woman of JLo’s stature never perspires, we can’t imagine this outfit is giving her skin any room to breathe at the beginning of October. Luckily, her arm candy has us distracted enough to let this one go. 

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Gail King in a multi-coloured striped dress at an SNL afterparty
Getty Images

Gail King, October 10, 2021 

Oh, goodness. Gail King was either trying too hard or not trying hard enough with this multi-coloured dress topped off with her very own pair of Kinky Boots. The outfit-on-trail was King’s fashionable choice for the SNL afterparty after Kim Kardashian hosted. But it feels more like what King would choose to wear when meeting up for book club with her pal Oprah.

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Cynthia Erivo in a yellow ruffle dress while standing on a red carpet for photographers
Getty Images

Cynthia Erivo, October 11, 2021 

Cynthia Erivo is not one to shy away from daring fashion statements, and for that, we bow down to the queen. Unfortunately, there is no bowing taking place for this mustard-coloured prom dress circa 2004. From the triangle formation to the unnecessary amount of ruffles — we don’t know whether to present her with a corsage and spike the punch so we can forget about it.

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Gigi Hadid walking in New York in a white oversized suit jacket with yellow sunglasses
Getty Images

Gigi Hadid, October 11, 2021 

We’re not sure if Gigi Hadid is wearing something so high fashion it’s entirely over our heads — or if she is on her way to pitch an idea to some executives? Either way, this oversized suit jacket means business. It feels too series for Hadid’s playful nature, and we simply can’t get past the fact that she looks like an extra Martin Scorsese hired for his latest gangster film.

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