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Fashion Fails: The Worst Celebrity Looks of February 2022

Iggy Azalea in a black jumpsuit
Getty Images

The shortest month of the year is finally here, and that means we have 28 glorious days to put celebs on blast when they trip over their own fashion decisions. Live events and red carpet affairs continue to reemerge all over Hollywood, giving us ample opportunity to hunt down who wore what and dare to ask why. 

February is widely known as the month of love, but if we’re being honest, there isn’t a lot of love where fashion fails are concerned. That means there’s a no-holds-barred approach to reviewing and dismissing romantic attire. So while romance might be in the air this month, we’re pushing the boundaries of love for fashion by offering our wholehearted opinions on who needs to break up with their stylist and find someone new to steal their fashionable heart.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 22: KJ Smith attends Tyler Perry's 'A Madea Homecoming' Premiere on February 22, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)
Getty Images

KJ Smith, February 22, 2022

KJ Smith is best known for showing off her comedic charm with appearances on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She also appeared in Tyler Perry’s 2019 film, A Madea Family Funeral, so it should come as no surprise that she was in attendance for the premiere of yet another Perry film from the series, A Madea Homecoming. However, what is surprising is her dedicated choice to pair chocolate-coloured vinyl gloves with an otherwise perfect gown.

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LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 21: Anne-Marie attends the UK Gala screening of "Turning Red" at Everyman Borough Yards on February 21, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)
Getty Images

Anne-Marie, February 21, 2022

English singer Anne-Marie arrived at the UK Gala screening of Turning Red, in what we presume is prom dress kept pristine from the early ’90s. While this oversized bow is a trend that can’t seem to disappear, we’d be happy to trade it in for something new.

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 Amber Rose is seen on February 20, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
Getty Images

Amber Rose, February 20, 2022

This photo of model and television personality Amber Rose could just be your average street photo. She is likely running to an appointment or perhaps heading to the grocery store. We prefer not to slam down the fashion gavel in cases such as this, but it’s never OK to wear a fake denim top. We said what we said.

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Julia Fox walking down the street
Getty Images

Julia Fox, February 19, 2022

We love the fashion risks Julia Fox is willing to take, even after separating herself from Ye (formally known as Kanye West). And while that might be true, we can’t let her get away with these low-cut, skin-tight leather pants — and we especially can’t forgive whatever version of a t-shirt her top wants to be. Thankfully, Fox doesn’t take herself as seriously as she does fashion.

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Iggy Azalea in a black jumpsuit
Getty Images

Iggy Azalea, February 19, 2022

Iggy Azalea hasn’t spent much time in the limelight after a series of controversies and conflicts beginning as early as 2012. However, this month, the Australian rapper made her way to LIGHT Nightclub at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to perform. Sadly, her outfit makes a louder statement than the offensive comments that ultimately took a toll on her career.

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Amy Poehler wearing a full coverage loose patterned dress with with a collar. She is also holding a red clutch and is wearing black shoes.
Getty Images

Amy Poehler, February 15, 2022

Comedy queen Amy Poehler attended the Los Angeles premiere of her documentary Lucy And Desi in an outfit that is, unfortunately, wearing her. Long, flowy granny dresses are a part of the current state of fashion trends, but something about this baggy look just isn’t tickling the funny bone or our fashion bone either.

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Katerina Tannenbaum wearing a cream coloured prairie girl style dress with dark denim jeans underneath and beige boots.
Getty Images

Katerina Tannenbaum, February 13, 2022

She may have displayed cool girl vibes during her run as Carrie’s downstairs neighbour Lisette on And Just Like That…, but this Florence Welch-inspired prairie girl dress isn’t giving off that same effect for actress Katerina Tannenbaum. Maybe it’s the jeans underneath the dress, or perhaps it’s the overplayed nature of the style. In either case, it’s not a vibe at all.

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Penélope Cruz wearing a light purple cupcake style gown with different coloured bedazzled jewels all over it.
Getty Images

Penélope Cruz, February 12, 2022

Penélope Cruz is a vision, but it would seem things got blurry when she arrived at the Goya Cinema Awards in this dress. It’s sweet but sweet in the way you would describe a child’s birthday party when everyone’s invited to DIY using a Bedazzler from the 1990s. If Cruz is aging backwards, we suppose this dress is right on point.

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Tinache wearing sunglasses with a a matching denim vest and jeans with a beige acid wash accent.
Getty Images

Tinashe, February 12, 2022

For ordinary folks, the Super Bowl is an event that allows friends and family to gather around the television screen with snacks. For celebs, it’s an opportunity to show face at a long list of parties and events. That’s how Tinashe ended up at Michael Rubin’s 2022 Fanatics Super Bowl Party dressed in a faded denim vest and jeans that should have stayed buried in the 2000s.

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Heidi Klum wearing a light pink fitted mini skirt dress with cut outs on the sides and chest that are holding the fabric pieces together with light pink string. She is also wearing a light beige feather jacket.
Getty Images

Heidi Klum, February 12, 2022

Let’s first acknowledge that Heidi Klum is a fierce fashion icon that can almost do no wrong, but there is something about this outfit that feels so off the mark — we can’t help but judge. And since Klum knows a thing or two about critiquing fashion on Project Runway, we don’t think she’d mind us giving this one a fail. 


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Mary Elizabeth Ellis wearing knee-length skirt with ruffled sleeves and a very busy child-like colour print that includes rainbows, tress and other small graphics...
Getty Images

Mary Elizabeth Ellis, February 8, 2022

Mary Elizabeth Ellis is known for her comedic timing on popular sitcoms like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Grinder, Perfect Couples, and of course, as Nick’s ex-girlfriend on New Girl. Unfortunately, she did not become well known for her style choices, and it showed when she stepped out to support her husband Charlie Day at the premiere of his new movie, I Want You Back.

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Gina Rodriguez wearing a beige leather pant and button up two-piece suit with strappy heels.
Getty Images

Gina Rodriguez, February 8, 2022

Another celebrity fashion fail witnessed at the premiere of I Want You Back comes from Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez. We understand this leather ensemble is hitting a bunch of notable trends. Still, something about buttoning it all up has us feeling just as bland as this monochromatic palette.

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English singer Griff wearing a black and white race flag inspired gown that appears to be made of heavy plastic vinyl
Getty Images

Griff, February 8, 2022 

English singer and songwriter Griff arrived at The BRIT Awards thinking the red carpet was a race track. It’s unclear if the musician was holding up her dress for support, but since it appears to be crafted with heavy plastic vinyl, we’re willing to bet her tight hold was necessary.

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Ally Brooke wearing fitted black pants with black open toe hells and a red and black Michael Jackson inspired jacket from 'Thriller'
Getty Images

Ally Brooke, February 5, 2022

Former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke was ready to race at NASCAR’s Busch Light Clash in Los Angeles. The singer was in attendance to perform the National Anthem and channel her inner Michael Jackson, but judging by the jacket and missing glitter glove — it wasn’t much of a thriller.

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Rachel Brosnahan wearing a yellow look from head to toe, including a yellow sweater, jacket with matching belt, gloves, leggings and boots.
Getty Images

Rachel Brosnahan, February 5, 2022

We don’t take pleasure in taking shots at the witty Mrs. Maisel, but with a look like this — can you really blame us? The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star, Rachel Brosnahan, appeared at the show’s season four premiere to indulge in the 1960s-themed Maisel Skate Night at the Bryant Park ice rink in New York City — but that doesn’t excuse dressing up like a canary. 

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Jennifer Lopez wearing a long white and black snake skin jacket with a faded dark denim print in the middle.
Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez, February 3, 2022 

Our sweet Jenny from the Block can’t seem to catch a break with our fashion fail lists because here she is again this month in an outfit we can’t let slide. First of all, is snake print back? We’re still processing this pattern we hoped would remain in its grave, but the colour block denim and matching snake print pants and shoes are enough to send us over the edge.

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Martha Stewart wearing a brown knit sweater and tan leather pants with matching tan leather shoes
Getty Images

Martha Stewart, February 2, 2022

Martha Stewart might be the queen of selfies, but we’d prefer if she didn’t aspire to be the queen of leather pants, too. Listen, it’s not that she’s failed entirely with this outfit, but something about leather pants that seem like they are attached to matching leather shoes is, in our opinion, a fashion fail.

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Chanel West Coast wearing a fitted racer-inspired jumpsuit with lime green and white stripped details down the legs.
Getty Images

Chanel West Coast, February 1, 2022

Chanel West Coast hasn’t left her mark on the red carpet in quite some time, but there’s nothing like a Jackass Forever movie reboot to bring out nostalgic celebrities. The Ridiculousness co-host was dressed for the races when she arrived on the scene to support Johnny Knoxville and his rebel castmates, and it’s safe to say she barely crossed the finish line with this sporty look. 

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Ariana DeBrose wearing black leggings and black booties with an oversized bright pink tear drop sweater and sheer ruffled blouse
Getty Images

Ariana DeBose, February 1, 2022 

Ariana DeBose might be hitting a high note for her portrayal of Anita in Steven Spielberg’s recent adaption of West Side Story, but it would seem she missed a beat with this look. DeBose attempted to be the cherry on top of a fashionable moment at the EE Rising Star Award nominations event, and somehow things went a bit more sour than sweet.

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Sophia Ali wearing a strapless floor length baby pink gingham dress
Getty Images

Sophia Ali, January 31, 2022 

Actress Sophia Ali confused us when she appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of Moonfall in a baby pink gingham dress and chunky shoes. The dress looks similar to something a high student would craft in their home economic class, which is to say it lacks an ‘it’ factor it desperately needs. Based on the look on her face, we think Ali knows we’re right.

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