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Bad Y2K Hair Trends That Won’t Be Coming Back

When we talk about hair trends from the 2000s, it’s easy to blur the lines between what was hip in the late ‘90s and what was still trying to find its way heading into Y2K. At a time when MTV was king and red carpets were meant to shock and awe us with over-the-top looks, hair trends were reaching a fever peak.

This meant tacky hair accessories, loud highlights and a sad attempt at reviving the long-lost crimper of the ‘80s were front and centre anywhere a camera was lurking. Today, it’s easy to romanticize hair trends of the early 2000s thanks to a new generation of fans that are either not-so-sweetly mocking older millennials or choosing to embrace these former fads as their own sincerely. In any case, we encourage you to dig up your old photos and get ready to relive them all.

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