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Fashion Fails: The Worst Celebrity Looks of January 2022

Gamble Breaux wearing a patterned floor length dress that has a hot pink corset.
Getty Images

A new year brings so much hope for the 365 days ahead, but sadly, fashion statements don’t always turn out the way celebrities planned. Hollywood stars who resolve to improve their ranking on the fashion scale might be disappointed to find out that no amount of manifestation or planning can keep them safe from scrutiny — and that’s why we’ve gathered here today. 

In 2021, we were faced with what felt like endless months of tumbleweeds and crickets across red carpets, but as we neared the end of the year, events came back online, and the wardrobes prevailed. The global pandemic could continue to impact events in Tinseltown, but we can always count on more than a few street-style fumbles to get us through the hard times. With that optimism in mind, we’re ready to kick off 2022 with a fresh round of fashion hell raisers.

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Venus Wiliams wearing a black and white leather racer style jacket with a navy blue mini skirt dress that has multiple large gold and black buttons
Getty Images

Venus Wiliams, January 20, 2022

We understand Venus Williams’ choice to lean into a sporty look for Paris Fashion week. It’s very on-brand, and she gets major points for that, but something about this race car attire feels too buttoned up. Let’s hope she can serve us something better at the next show.

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Naomi Campbell wearing a white and cream coloured parachute style dress
Getty Images

Naomi Campbell, January 20, 2022

The thought of critiquing Noami Campbell at all is terrifying, but, we like to take risks. The supermodel did her part by donning a designer look at the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter show during Paris Fashion Week, but it feels like we should build a campfire around her instead of giving her a round of applause.

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Gamble Breaux wearing a patterned floor length dress that has a hot pink corset.
Getty Images

Gamble Breaux, January 16, 2022 

As a star of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne, it’s obvious that Gamble Breaux is not a woman to hold back — on anything. So it comes as no real surprise that this dress is as loud and obnoxious as any real housewife should be. If she wants to shout about it over a few cocktails, we’re ready!

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Jennifer Lopez wearing a beige long sleeved knit sweater and a mixed denim baggy skirt
Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez, January 15, 2022

It’s painful to add Jenny from the block to this growing list, but we can’t help but judge this DIY denim skirt Jennifer Lopez wore while hanging out in Los Angeles. Still, it’s nice to know that every pair of denim jeans we kicked to the curb could somehow breathe new life into a skirt worn by a beloved diva. 

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Joslyn Davis wearing a creamsicle orange paintsuit with matching orange tassels on the sleeves
Getty Images

Joslyn Davis, January 13, 2022

YouTube star Joslyn Davis stepped out looking like a creamsicle cowgirl while attending a special screening of Universal’s Redeeming Love in Los Angeles. We love a good pantsuit combo, and a pop of colour is certainly what the world needs right now. However, the sleeve tassels aren’t redeeming any love we might have had for this outfit.

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Aimee Lou Wood gives the camera the peace sign while wearing light pink flare pants with a matching button up. She has a loose black leather jacket overtop.
Getty Images

Aimee Lou Wood, January 13, 2022

Sweet Aimee Lou Wood won our hearts as Aimee Gibbs on the Netflix hit Sex Education, but unfortunately, we can’t say the same about what she wore to the Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA premiere. The iridescent material was an effort in the right direction, but in the end, she looked like a mom who tossed on whatever she could find before leaving the kids with the sitter. 

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Jessie J wearing black leggings and booties with a black and white coloured shirt that has a cut out under the chest.
Getty Images

Jessie J, January 13, 2022 

Whoever said that clothing cutouts would be a hit has officially cursed fashion! Singer Jessie J has taken many style risks before debuting this look at Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA premiere in London. Still, something is missing here, and it’s definitely the material meant to complete this sleek look.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal playing a game on The Tonight Show while wearing a full coverage white button up dress with gold finishes.
Getty Images

Maggie Gyllenhaal January 11, 2022

Maggie Gyllenhaal has met our fashion fail list before, which makes sense since she’s been super busy promoting her latest projects as a rad woman director. But even the talented fall victim to our opinions, and this garb she wore on The Tonight Show isn’t hitting the late night spotlight.

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Scout Willis looks at the camera before she gets into a black truck. She's wearing a blue winter hat, plaid button down shirt, baggy black pants and black running shoes. She's also holding a calf skin purse.
Getty Images

Scout Willis, January 10, 2022

There’s no need to pick on celeb street style, especially when said style is worn to do everyday things like grabbing groceries or picking up the dry cleaning. What’s curious about the attire seen on Scout Willis is her ability to choose a multitude of fashion items that have no business coming together to create one, shall we say, unique look.

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Courtney Love wearing a rust coloured lace dress with black nylons and shoes.
Getty Images

Courtney Love, January 10, 2022

There’s nothing new to report when it comes to Courtney Love’s sense of fashion. The grunge rocker has been sporting a particular type of style since the ‘90s, but lately it feels like we are tiptoeing closer towards grandma grunge than the cool girl vibe we used to adore. Is it possible Love has lost her edge?

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Hunter Schafer wearing an off the shoulder, ankle length burgundy dress
Getty Images

Hunter Schafer, January 5, 2021

Actress Hunter Schafer has modelled for a long list of renowned fashion houses, including Prada, Dior, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Marc Jacobs and more. However, that same sense of style seriousness didn’t match the playful nature of the vibe at the Euphoria season two photocall. 

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Sydney Sweeney wearing an ivory op top with beaded gems and stone details with a matching ankle length skirt and gloves
Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney, January 5, 2021

Another Euphoria cast member who showed up fashionably confused about the photo call was Sydney Sweeney. Living out her best Pinterest board, the actress selected the closest possible thing she could get to a wedding dress, and all of us are now witnesses to the event.

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Diana Madison wearing a leather tan jumpsuit with oversized button and belt details
Getty Images

Diana Madison, January 4, 2022

Producer, actress and talk show host Diana Madison was obviously never told that there is no good time to show up in a leather jumper — but here we are. It’s impressive that such a monotone look could garner so many critiques! The shoulder loops, baggy fit and oversized buttons are all great places to start, but the real cherry on the tanned leather cake is the belt she resurrected from the early 2000s.

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Brandi Carlile on stage wearing a puffy white shirt with a blue pin striped vest and pants.
Getty Images

Brandi Carlile, January 1, 2022 

Brandi Carlile arrived at the Miley’s New Years Eve Party television special in a new version of Jerry Seinfeld’s puffy pirate shirt. We’re sure the intentions were as serious as fashion pretends to be, but there is just no forgiving what we see here. Thankfully, her incredible voice distracted us long enough to forgive her.

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Miley Cyrus singing while wearing a ripped metallic silver top
Getty Images

Miley Cyrus, January 1, 2022 

Miley Cyrus continues to come in like a wrecking ball, and in a year where nothing seemed to change, we can’t go too hard on her for yet again wearing an outfit meant solely to ruffle viewers’ feathers. This disco-inspired two-piece was one of many outfit changes during her New Year’s Eve special (co-hosted by Pete Davidson), but it’s not the one worthy of celebrating.

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