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Forget Body Positivity, Here’s Why Body Neutrality is Where it’s At

Now, don’t get us wrong. Body positivity was a good movement that had its place. But it may be the time to move on. And move on to “body neutrality.”

Even the softness of the word neutrality sounds more calm, more accepting with its lack of reaction or response. We all have bodies. You’d think that commonality would equalize us or be bored with the idea of someone else’s body. But we’re a comparative species, and negative reactions swiftly moved to body positivity, and now hopefully to a true neutral relationship with our bodies and each other.

To find out what this movement means, we spoke with Taq Kaur Bhandal, author of Self-Care Down There and researcher in the field of health professions education and menstrual health, and is behind the @imwithperiods and

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